2022 Draft Prospectus – AJ Griffin

2022 Draft Prospectus – AJ Griffin

The Jumper BrazilIn partnership with Draft Central, Continues the “2022 Draft Prospectus” series with forward AJ Griffin. One of Duke University’s highlights of the season, he has been named as one of the top ten in this year’s draft. See analysis Site For an 18-year-old athlete.

AJ Griffin

Age: 18 years
Parents: US
Comprehensive classroom: Duke
Experience: the latest (First university year)
Position: God
Height: 6’6 (1.98m)
Wing spread: 7’0 (2.13m)
Weight: 101 kg

Last season’s average: 10.4 points, 3.9 rebounds, 1.0 assists, 0.5 steels, 0.6 blocks, 0.6 Business49.3% on field shots, 44.7% on three pointers, 79.2% on free throws, 24 minutes

Strong points

Elite physical attributes, your body is ready to face the professional level.

I’m one of the best pitchers College In 22/2021; Griffin’s brilliant run on three pointers (about 45%) is simply deadly. Grab and shoot Efficient pitcher after dribble (highlight for this. step back), Developed during the season as the creator of the pitch itself.

He doesn’t need a ball in his hand to be effective (he’s good at cutting towards the basket, he knows how to stand on the court to be in good shape for a shot). He was Duke’s third / fourth offensive option, he barely got the ball, but he was still an effective scorer. Anyway, Griffin is well aware of his role in the court.

Shown Shines A good passer, he has solid control over the ball, the qualities he has developed during the season.

Solid recovery Know how to do Out of the boxHe makes good use of his long arms and physical strength to fight on two boards.

Shines Of a solid individual protector; He uses his physical strength well to control the intrusion of the opponent, even if the background is not active elite.

Commendable work ethic; Reports that he enjoys listening to coaches, is willing to learn the basics of the game, and works hard to improve as a player.

upside down; Possibility of the youngest elite Draft In 2022, AJ Griffin played a limited role in Duke but has the potential to be a threat on both sides of the court.

Weak points

Background agility leaves something to be desired. Which can compromise its performance as a sharp wing marker.

Injury history; I lost a lot of games. High school And college (not dropping Duke in 14 games this season) due to knee and ankle problems

The son of a great scorer in the NBA (Adrian Griffin, now assistant coach at the Toronto Raptors), he has the tools needed to be a great defender, he tries, but his IQ in this area of ​​basketball is low. Is. In court, he needs to learn the basics, not lose in exchange, he needs to put more emphasis on the court.

Despite his tremendous use, he has a tough shooting mechanics, he needs to improve this aspect to become a reliable dynamic shooter in the NBA.

Need to be more aggressive (on both sides of the court); Put a little pressure on the rim and go very low towards the free-throw line (1.4 per game), as it was primarily used as a medium-range and long-range shooter, not the first step after the draw. ۔

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