2022 Draft Prospectus – Keegan Murray

2022 Draft Prospectus – Keegan Murray

The Jumper BrazilIn partnership with Draft Central, Continues the “2022 Draft Prospectus” series with forward Kegan Murray. Highlights of the University of Iowa’s season, he has been named as one of the top ten in this year’s draft. See analysis Site For a 21-year-old athlete.

Keegan Murray

Age: 21 years
Parents: US
Comprehensive classroom: Iowa
Experience: Sophomore (Sophomore Year)
Position: Axis
Height: 6’9 (2.06m)
Wing spread: 6’11 (2.11m)
Weight: 102 kg

Last season’s average: 23.5 points, 8.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steels, 1.9 blocks, 1.1 Business55.4% on field shots, 39.8% on three pointers, 74.7% on free throws, 31.9 minutes

Strong points

Kegan Murray was one of the most productive players and top scorers in the world. College Thus, in the previous season, he was unanimously selected for the ideal fifth of 2021/22 and was selected as the best center forward in college basketball.

Despite not being very athletic, he runs the court smoothly, enjoys the transition game and puts pressure on the rum.

Offensive ability; Skilled, he leads both near the basket and around the frame. Also, he has a great game with a great footwork and back of the basket.Less post). It knows how to “punish” the lowest marker and attack spaces. Is an effective mid-range shot, can easily accommodate the court (Increase four). In short, he’s a great parameter shooter (but deadly) Pick and pop). The solid scorer after the dribble, and finally, the ball does not need to be held in the hand for long to be useful / effective.

Defensive talent; Able to mark multiple positions, attentive, knows how to position himself in court, understands defense coverage and does not get lost in exchanges. Furthermore, it stands out in anticipation of the passing lines and is very good at it. Timing To stop the shots. It combines court intelligence with sweat. He is a natural rival.

Solid recovery Aggressive, well-positioned, very motivated and knows how to act Out of the box.

It would fit perfectly with a center that specializes in rum protection, as it should not be its role in the NBA, and Playmaker In which perfection appears. Pick and roll and pick and pop.

However, he is a modern forward (possible) 3 and d), With skill, versatility on both sides of the court and the ability to shoot from the frame (and well), ready to impress his new team from day one. Therefore, Keegan Murray should be selected in the prospect Draft Through a team that tries to compete in the short term.

Weak points

It doesn’t have the physical-athletic qualities of the elite, it doesn’t have an explosion, which could damage its influence in the league, which has real “athletic monsters” in its position.

Will he be able to take on a new role in the NBA? I CollegeThe Iowa team played around him last season. In Pro, however, he probably won’t be the center of attention.

Asking questions about your best position in court in the NBA; Is used as much. Increase four And axes in the lower forms. However, he still does not have the physical strength to face the heaviest centers of the league (it was difficult to score against him). Big I am strong and tall College). Also, it doesn’t have the elite literal agility to keep the most athletic winger.

Not a good passerby, after all, he gets the ball and is already trying to finish, even if he gets a double marking.

As a rookie, he replaced 29.6 out of three pointers, but improved significantly in the second year (39.8%). So, to check if it really evolved as a pitcher or if it was out of the weather curve. In short, consistency around the circle will be key to Murray’s strength in the league.

Despite being a سوفومورWill enter the NBA at the age of 22, and thus do not offer much. upside down. Also, he didn’t prove much in college basketball, as in his new year, he was a reserve who played for about 18 minutes.

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Projection: Choice between 5 and 10

Check out some shots of Keegan Murray

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