3 Reasons Why Lakers Won’t Join Carrie Irving


When it was announced that Lakers would be interested in point guard Carrie Irving if they did not sign an extension with the Nets, although most fans liked the idea, a few others nodded, thinking that Polarizing players can disrupt. the game. The way of the Lakers.

At the same time, let’s make a list of three points that the Lakers should consider so that Carrie Irving is not brought to Los Angeles.

1. Long term contract

The best thing in the world would be for the Lakers to be able to convince Kerry not to choose his contract option and to sign a one-year preliminary contract with the team. If both sides succeed, the board and Kerry will discuss extensions next off-season.

But this option should not be easy. Carrie’s player option gives him the upper hand. If he thinks the Lakers might not be able to extend his contract, he could easily exploit other teams in the market.

Irving is eligible to extend the agreement with the following conditions:

2022-23: .7 42.7 million

2023-24: .1 46.1 million

2024-25: $ 49.8 million

2025-26: $ 53.8 million

2026-27: .1 58.1 million

Although Irving is only 30 years old, making a long-term commitment with a troubled off-court player like him can be dangerous.

2. Lack of commitment

The Lakers still want to fight for the title while LeBron lives in Los Angeles. Irving has shown reluctance to prioritize victories over all his skills. He requested a trade from the Cavs before the 2018 playoffs. It sabotaged the Boston Celtics in the 2019 playoffs. Shortly after the start of the 2021 season, his absence from the nets became longer. His desire to change his mind after getting vaccinated, don’t miss a season of iNet’s title window. The Lakers, on the other hand, demanded that their players be vaccinated before the 2021-22 season. What if Carrie was in LA?

Will LeBron’s presence and change of scenery suddenly turn Kerry into a player with more interest? We do not know.

3. Problems behind the scenes

The Lakers have just completed a season that has been marked by internal tensions. Russell Westbrook would never have respected Frank Vogel or his coaching staff. He questioned whether LeBron and AD had really tried “Russ be Russ”.

Apart from the above issues, Irving has not been an ideal partner at all. On Monday, Stephen A. Smith revealed that Irving had his training sessions inside the net, while Steve Nash was running his teammates.

It is possible for Darwin Ham Kyrie to gain respect and be serious about preventing any selfish behavior. But Nash is a Hall of Fame that Irving initially respected.

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Regardless of how the off-season goes, the Lakers will have an experienced and still highly questionable roster next season. In the midst of a strong Western conference, your margin of error will be very small. If he wants a smooth year with a real title mindset, can’t Carrie be the best person to bring him on board?

If Kerry’s performances over the past three years have not convinced the Nets to commit to him despite his abilities, why should the Lakers feel confident?

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