5 news from Verdão that shook today (23/06)

Credit: Ricardo Duarte – International

Despite hiring Marintel and Flaco Lopez, Palmyra will look for another reinforcement for the offensive line. The Corinthians will have entered the venue of the prestigious Yuri Alberto club, as it could be a huge market opportunity, which promises to escalate the controversy for the former International striker.

Below are five Palmyra news stories that reached today (23).

Yuri Alberto’s hat?

With the prospect of leaving Zenith, Yuri Alberto sparked a giant interest in Brasileirão. According to the Revista Colorado portal, despite the Corinthians being identified as the most likely destination, Palmyra took an active part in the conflict. Therefore, Verdão will consider paying the player R $ 1.1 million per month and giving the hat to the biggest competitor.

Respected defender in Italy

Despite being reserved, Kuscevic, according to the daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, became interested in Sampdoria. Seen as a good option to strengthen the squad, Chile, initially, could be the target of a 2 million (R $ 11 million) offer, an amount accepted by Palmyra to close the deal. Should not

Reiterating that the main purpose remains to keep the accounts in order, the name under consideration for the 2022-23 Sampdoria is that of Benjamin Kosovich. Born in Chile, but of Croatian descent, Palmeiras defender grew up in Real Madrid and his profile in the board’s philosophy is well-reviewed: ready and perhaps with the future. “Reported the vehicle.

Andrew in the eyes of PSG

Endrick is a name on PSG’s agenda, according to journalist George Nicola, on the radar of Europe’s biggest clubs. Realizing that Barcelona and Real Madrid may sign another pearl of Brazilian football, the French club is considering a move to secure the striker’s purchase. However, with the fines imposed by the board, which could reach up to 60 million euros, winning the competition does not promise to be easy.

Edmundo projection

According to ‘Animal’, Andrick can dream of a place in the Brazilian team from 2023. Since he is a young talented player, the former player highlighted that the new coach, who will take over Tight’s position, you have the opportunity. Observing the performance of palmeirense jewels.

Andrew is different, he’s a player you don’t have in Brazil. We count on our fingers the teams that have the required number 9, the player who builds the wall and lives in the area is always ready to finish. He is a boy who has everything to walk the path of success. There are people who say that he has developed physically very fast, but it is important to say that he is playing in the under-17, but he is still 15 years old. Endrick is going through stages with a lot of potential. He could also dream of a Brazilian team in the next round. Tate has a closed group, but in January, when the next coach takes office, he can dream of being part of the Brazilian team’s next cycle for the 2026 World Cup.“, He reported on his YouTube channel.

Ron’s speech

Before rolling the ball for the Copa du Brazil for Sao Paulo X Palmeiras, Rooney showed that he believes in Palmeiras, but will not underestimate the tricolor. Thus, the projection of the team is to get a good result to make it to the quarter finals of the tournament.

It’s a new competition, it’s different from Brazil, but the spirit is the same. Our feet are on the ground, at least not because it’s a great classic. We have to enter with the same step mark that things will happen naturally.The shirt said 10.

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