85% increase in sales in one week;  5 Most Popular Collections – View Money Times

85% increase in sales in one week; 5 Most Popular Collections – View Money Times

85% increase in sales in one week;  5 Most Popular Collections – View Money Times
NFT sales up 85% in last week

You Non-fungal tokens (NFTs) 2021 became the talk of the year, and they caught the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those who had never heard of the term.

The fever was such that sales reached more than ین 20 billion last year, and “NFT” was considered. Word of the year Through the Collins Dictionary.

NFTs are unique, unchanging digital items that can represent artwork, music and more. Uses this type of token. Blockchain technology To maintain digital records of ownership of traded goods.

NFTs were first introduced on the net. EthereumWhere most of these items are still sold, but collections are already available on the net. Solana (SOL) And Tezos (XTZ).

Sales of NFTs increased 85% from $ 246 million to $ 456 million last week.

Some unexpected developments have shaken NFT collections this week: the Board Epiat Club (BAYC) “Eat Dust”, skipped 1st place, and other non-fungible tokens collections entered the rankings.

Check out the top five best-selling NFT collections in the past week, according to data from the website NonFungible.

Fifth place: Maybets

Total sales of the NFT Meebits collection last week were .8 11.8 million (Photo: Twitter / CryptoPunks)

Meetings CryptoPunks is a collection of the same creators. NFTs contain 3D avatars, which can be used in Metaverse applications.

Last week, Meebits recorded 607 sales, totaling 11.8 million. The most expensive NFT of the period sold for 7 227,000.

Fourth place: Azuki

Azuki’s NFTs have already surpassed the board app yacht club in sales in the past (Photo: Azuki / Reproduction)

ازوکی A collection of 10,000 NFTs of anime-style characters. The purchase of the Enemy NFT brings some benefits to its holder, including access to exclusive releases and experiences, as well as the Metavers called “The Garden”.

Azuki earned $ 11.8 million from 231 sales in the last seven days. The most expensive item in the collection sold for $ 230,000 during this period.

مقام Third place: CloneX

CloneX is an NFT collection created by RTFKT Studios (Photo: Twitter / RTFKT Studios)

CloneX Corp. A collection of 20,000 “next generation” NFTs. The description of the collection states that the avatars are “inter-tourists who have come to accelerate our evolution towards an immaterial being.”

Clone X Corporation recorded 275 sales last week, totaling $ 13.8 million. The most expensive NFT in the collection so far sold for $ 300,000.

🏆 Second place: Board Epi Yat Club (BAYC)

Board Epiat Club 9897
The board app yat club is NFT’s largest collection in terms of market cap (Photo: board app yat club / reproduction)

Developed for Ethereum, Bore App Yacht Club Has a collection of 10,000 unique items and is considered the largest in the NFT market.

Recently, BAYC has become a favorite of celebrities and professional athletes, e.g. Neymar Jr., Madonna, Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton. The collection also provides access to special benefits for yacht club members.

Last week, BAYC made 96.9 million from 1,035 sales. The most expensive NFT of the period sold for 1 581,000.

* First place: Moon Birds

In its inaugural week, Moonbirds sold one NFT for 1 million (Photo: Moonbirds / Reproduction)

Moon birds A collection of 10,000 owl avatars. In terms of minimum price, currently 26 ETH (US $ 74,500), it is one of the fastest collections to reach the status of “Blue Chip”.

Moonbirds was launched on April 16 by Proof, a media startup founded by renowned venture capitalist Kevin Rose.

Last week, Moonbirds recorded a total of 1,468 sales for 135.9 million. The most expensive NFT in the collection sold for 1 million.

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