A Carioca citizen, Texter wants a new generation of Botafogo fans and jokes with Getato: ‘You’re a Premier League goalkeeper, but I won’t sell you at Crystal Palace.’

Decorated as a Kirioka citizen at a ceremony at Rio City Council this Thursday, John Textor delivered a long speech of thanks. The businessman, owner of Botafogo’s SAF, began joking with Gatito Fernandez, one of the people who also shared the honor with defender Joel Carly.

– I asked them to put their best moments in the video, and they made me cry (laughs. My video was very short, and the video of Getato and Carly was very good. I told them I was so happy that Now I am his big brother, now we are brothers. I saw you on TV, you are giants, you are very important to Botafogo. I promise I won’t sell you at Crystal Palace – Texter joked.

Afterwards, John Textor thanked Elevenigro President Dorcio Melo and said it was an honor to be in charge of Botafogo at the moment:

– I especially want to thank Dorcio and Pedro (Paulo, Federal Deputy), two men with a great vision, I have come to Brazil for this historic moment that is to come. It’s an honor in life, and I tell young people to be part of that special moment that people will remember for years to come. It’s a great club, but it’s more than that. Something is happening in Brazil that the world is paying attention to again. If I’m from Brazil, it’s an honor to be associated with Mais Tradicional. I can’t believe I was so lucky that it happened to me. Pedro and Dorsio, you paved the way for me to come and be part of this family. Marcio (Ribeiro, councilor who paid tribute), I thought your idea was crazy, but when I walked here and saw this avalanche of love in this particular house, I asked you to do it. Thank you

Finally, John Textor said that his goal is to help create a new generation of Botafogo fans.

– A lot of people tell me he’s a fan because it’s “my dad’s team, my dad’s team”, but now we have the opportunity to do something special, to choose Botafogo for the kids. Now we have to create a new generation of Botafogo fans. And you win it. We cannot promise victory, but we can promise that we will work harder than anyone else to win. With the passion of our fans, in good and bad times, we feel their energy, so I got very emotional that day. Let’s work hard and respect this love of yours with hard work. Thank you for this honor, I feel Rio’s love, I pass it on to my family, thank you so much – the finished text, to be praised by the blacks who fill the galleries. Has been


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