Against Bahia, Vasco seeks to overcome the unrest with its 12th chance to enter the G-4 from 2021.  Vasco

Against Bahia, Vasco seeks to overcome the unrest with its 12th chance to enter the G-4 from 2021. Vasco

Vasco will face Bahia in Sao Zanuo this Sunday, with Brazil having a real chance of making the top four in Serie B. It’s time to dump her and move on.

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Vasco is sixth with 10 points. To finish the round in the access group, they need to win and hopefully Grêmio will not beat Ituano away from home on Monday.

This will be the 12th occasion. Vasco To enter the G-4 Since last year, when he finished the championship without finishing a single round in the top four. In this account, all rounds were taken into account (with the exception of the former) in which there was a mathematical possibility that the club would take at least the fourth position.

Zé Ricardo, Vasco’s coach, talking to players during training – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

Recent history has caused a stir in the crowd, which has spread among the players. In the final interviews, coach Zé Ricardo is hitting only one key: stopping the excitement in trying not to lose sight of the important goal of reaching the end of the championship.

– We know Serie B is very controversial, but a win against Bahia will give us three points, which we are always looking for. I keep saying we have to implement our plan, I can see that we really want to get it right. Once again: we will not go up in the seventh round, we will, if possible, always stay inside the G-4 – he said at a press conference last Thursday.

Zé Ricardo’s speech gains strength in the cast. Players have said on several occasions that the current squad cannot carry the burden of failure in Serie B last year.

– It’s all the pressure that comes from last year. I feel that sometimes, mentally, the team sins by combining the pressure and understanding of the game. Affects. I don’t blame this fan, who has been suffering for many years and has suffered a lot in the last year. But it works, it’s something we don’t have. They are saying that we have not come to G-4 from 40 rounds. What happened last year is over – Nanny said, last week.

For example, Vasco had already had the opportunity to join the G-4 this year. The team opened the fifth round at one point from the fourth and needed a combination of results. Two of them happened – Brisk lost to Ponte Preta and Nautico drew home with Guarani – but Vasco did not play his part and ended 1-1 with Tombens in Moria.

See all possibilities that Vasco Entering G-4 was:

Sixth round – The team had seven points and was one of the G-4s, with Coritiba, Sampaio Corrêa, Goiás, Guarani and Botafogo leading by eight. They will need to win and hope for a combination of results, but they lost 2-1 to Cruzeiro.

Eighth round – He had 10 points and was two points behind G-4, ahead of Brusque, Botafogo (both with 11), Operário and Sampaio Corrêa (both with 12). He will need to win and hope for other results, but lost to Goiás in a match in which Bruno Gomes was sent off five minutes later.

10th round – He had 13 points and was three behind G-4. I have to hope for a combination of results again. Most of it happened (Bursak, Ava, Goya’s mistakes …), Vasco beat Sampaio Korea 1-0, but did not enter just because the CRB beat Botafogo in a game that Should have ended in a draw. It was the fifth.

11th round – One point away from the G-4, it was enough to hope to beat Coritiba away from home and stumble for the CRB. The Aguasians lost, but Vasco only equalized. On the other hand, he also saw Opereo, Iwai, Guarani and Sampaio Korea advancing and falling to eighth place in the table.

12th round – Distance of two G-4 points. He needed to play his part and hope to stumble upon those who came forward, but he tied only with Náutico in Sao Zanu, which Gol Murato did in stoppage time.

13th round – Three points away, Vasco Sampaio could have entered the G-4 if he had stumbled over Corrêa, Goiás, CRB and Avaí, but drew with CSA in Alagoas, the final score being 2 to 2.

15th round – The team had 22 points and was two behind G-4, Guarani, Goyes (both with 23) and CRB (24) ahead. In the end, if they beat Botafogo, Vasco will be fifth because CRB won the round, but finished tenth with a 2-0 defeat in the derby.

17th round – Vasco did his part by defeating Villa Nova, but the victories of Garani and Sampaio Korea hampered plans to enter the G-4. Finished the round at number six.

18th round – In case of a simple victory over Remo away from home, I will enter the G-4, because Guarani lost and Sampaio Korea was drawn in the round. But Vasco suffered defeat at Belem.

19th round – Two points apart, he will need to win and hope for a combination of results (Botafogo, Guarani, Nautico, Iwai and Sampaio Korea were ahead). But they lost to Londrina in São Januário and dropped to 11th place. Since then, it has not opened another round with the mathematical possibilities of coming to G-4.

5th round – Opened a one-point round away from the G-4, but there are four teams ahead. Two of them won (Cruzeiro and Grêmio). However, with Náutico and Brusque stumbling, Vasco will come in fourth in the event of a victory over Tombense. But it only attracts.

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