Alleged battery capabilities of “iPhones 14” leaked.

Every year, the most controversial rumors about the next generation of iPhones are related to it. Drum Tools, for obvious reasons. This year will be no different, and speculations are re-emerging as new models are announced.

this time Laker ShrimpApplePro – Already known among rumors – Echoes of information on Baidu about future battery capabilities IPhone 14. It is important to note, however, that the information was not verified Laker In question.

“IPhone 14 range battery capacity, note that it is uncertified.”

According to what has been pointed out, the “standard” model of the line will cowardly increase to 3,279mAh (compared to the iPhone 13’s 3,227mAh), while the “iPhone 14 Pro” will see an interesting improvement in battery. , Up to 3,200mAh (compared to the current 3,095 mAh of the 13 Pro). However, future flagship models will have a slight reduction with 4,323mAh (a component of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 4,352mAh). The “iPhone 14 Max”, which has no direct precedent for comparison, will have 4,325mAh, practically the same capacity as the “iPhone 14 Pro Max”.

As with any rumor, its effects have not yet been confirmed, which adds to the strength. Laker. Still, it’s interesting to see how the models, especially the smaller versions of the Pro, get an interesting increase in battery life. It is also worth noting how the potential model “14 Max” is gaining strength amid speculation.

Journalist John Rasgnol Expressed distrust in relation to what was presented by Laker. However, Rossignol acknowledged that the iPhone 13’s battery capacity was similarly discovered on Chinese social networks.

As you may know, the rumors circulating today about the iPhone 14’s battery capabilities seem dubious. I’m not sure if there’s any evidence that they’re random numbers from a random account that doesn’t have a date.

Other rumors about the new devices include a better front camera, always on display, more thickness and its end. Symbol On pro models.

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