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Just five minutes of joy on Wednesday night at the Arena Fonte Nova shook Bahia. In the first game of the Copa du Brazil’s Round of 16, after scoring in the first minute, the tricolor was upset and lost 2-1 to Athletico-PR. Lack of coolness and ability shown by the opponent to react in the match.

On the way back, on July 12, there will be a mountain to climb Arena da Bixada near Bahia.

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Face the opponent with great strength, coach Guto Ferreira surprised with a more defensive formation. Without relying on striker Reldo, the coach had Jacaré and Raí as options, but they decided to promote the return of Patrick and Mogni in midfield, as well as midfielder Reyes. Another novelty was Luiz Henrique’s return to the starting lineup to replace Djalma – the role for later.

The design of Bahia also changed in the field. Unlike the usual 4-2-3-1, with two open pitches on either side, Gutto praised the 4-4-2, which was made by an attacking pair of Rodliga and Dave.

Change has brought both positive and negative.

If, on the one hand, the tricolor wins the ball rotation in midfield, in which Mogni assisted Daniel in the creation, on the other hand, the team had difficulty closing the left aisle and lost deep in the sides went.

In addition to the news, given بہیا He also showed off his famous weapons. Just three minutes later, Patrick stole a ball from the attacking field, and Rodlega was fouled, giving Lucas Mogne a free kick. [assista aos gols da partida no vídeo abaixo].

Bahia 1 x 2 Athletico-PR goals for Copa du Brazil Round of 16

The problem is that the Trinamool took advantage of the excitement of the crowd for a short time, as despite the overcrowded midfield, it allowed the Hurricane five minutes later to level the game with Christian.

– The quest was to get more defensive power and attack power with more movement of the ball. At some point, we could not compensate the opposing side for closing the sides at the turn of the ball. The first goal is in a play where Mogni is far away and the boy crosses from behind. There was no closing time. If he continues with the ball, Magni stops, but he doesn’t have time because he crossed from a distance – Goto said after the game.

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Douglas Borrell in action at Bahia X Athletico-PR – Photo: Philippe Oliveira / EC Bahia

The Athletico-PR tie did not change the way Bahia played, ordered by an impressed Daniel, who was primarily looking for right-wing dramas. When the launch was right, Borrell did not have the ability to reach the final pass.

In addition, Trincomalee faced an opponent who did not forgive failures – and even saw Louis Henrique’s unhappiness while trying to cut a throw. The player slipped, and Khellon only played for Pedro Rocha to turn the game around.

The failure was accompanied by applause from some fans, and it didn’t take long for Louis Henrique to show that he “felt the shock.” So much so that Goto’s only change in the second half was the side’s departure for Dajlama’s entry.

The exchange did not solve the problems on the left, but Bahia got off to a good start. In the first minutes, the tricolor managed to put pressure on the hurricane and create scoring opportunities. Rodallega, however, was not aware of the opponent’s interference in getting the ball out, nor was he impressed with the final forms.

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Time was the enemy of Bahia, especially Phil Becks. Borrell, badly on the field and encouraged by the crowd, replaced Andre. This, again, was not the solution to the team’s problems.. So it didn’t take long for Andre to make a mistake, and all that was left was for Gutto to shout at the crowd:

“Will you burn it too?”

As a final step, Goto returned to bet on a team with two wings and promoted Jackie and Rye’s entries in place of Patrick and Dave. However, the impression that remained was that the team’s panic, rather than the impatience of the crowd, spoke louder.

At the end of the game, the “cool” Athletico-PR took another risk and had a chance to hit the match, but Danilo Fernandez stopped it.

Bahia suffered its second consecutive defeat at Fonte Nova, where it looked unbeaten until recently. His performance was not good, but he could have been lucky in this encounter. He found a capable rival who did not seem to be shaken by any trouble. If I learn from tonight’s defeat, I might be surprised at the return match.

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