Analysis: Brazil’s champions in Serie B, and fierce competition for a place in G-4 football

Cruzeiro, Vasco and Bahia took advantage of Serie B’s lead and took advantage, without risking losing their place in the top-3 during this round. Therefore, they leave only one G-4 spot in the current controversy: Fourth place. Grêmio and Sport take turns in position, but are threatened by opponents after ranking.

Brazil still has 25 more rounds left. This allows for a change of scenery during the championship. However, at this time The controversy is centered around the clubs that were the Brazilian champions of Serie A. In other seasons. Only Gorani – 18th – is out of this cut. And in that era, the conflict could escalate.

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Sports team on the field before the classic with Náutico – Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport Club du Recife

Knocking on the door: outdated game

O the game The first place in the championship was solid., But went through a three-game winning streak and saw Cruzeiro, Vasco and Bahia get off the table. This week, he lost his seat in the G-4 when he was overtaken by Grêmio.

– The game managed to show some aggressive evolution, but it was not enough to sustain the use of points by the team – explains Globo observer Cabral Nato.

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Cabral NATO analyzed the difficulties of Nautico and Sport after the classic in Serie B.

However, Robro Negro’s performance indicated that this would be duplicitous. The team lost a direct confrontation against Bahia, also drew with Grêmio and Náutico – which is in the Z-4 ​​of the competition. Thus, he scored only two points in the last nine.

O the game Early sports were, almost always, harmless. He maintained his good score based on a very strong defense system and even this improvement was not enough for the team to win the three heaviest games so far.

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Melson talks about the game's renewal and talks to coach Glamor Dale Pozzo.

Melson talks about the game’s renewal and talks to coach Glamor Dale Pozzo.

New moment? Gremio in G-4

In contrast to these results, Guild Achieved an unbeaten series of eight games. Most of the draws are – with five so far – but the Tricolor has scored in two of his straight matches during this period, against Vasco and Sport.

Grêmio is still working to adapt to the crowd, which delighted the team last weekend, but sees the entry into the G-4 as a turning point. At the same time, he invested in reinforcements and agreed to hire midfielder Lucas Leva.

Back at Grêmio, see how Lucas Leiva spent his last year in Lazio.

Back at Grêmio, see how Lucas Leiva spent his last year in Lazio.

CruiseVasco and بہیا Can’t reach rivals in this round. He has 31, 27 and 25 points respectively and will be on the field from Friday. Raposa will face Ituano, but the game was rescheduled for July 5 due to the Copa do Brazil.

Cruzeiro Copa du comes with a good season to pass Fluminense in Brazil

Cruzeiro Copa du comes with a good season to pass Fluminense in Brazil

Grêmio will be the first person in the access zone to enter the field. This Thursday, he will be able to give his guarantee inside the G-4 – if he wins the CSA in Rei Pelé. The game only plays on Saturdays, against Brusque, and At the moment only one point separates the two teams: 21 and 20.

In the “previous scene”, Tombense and CRB appear with the possibility of overtaking.. For example, with 19 and 18 points, teams come in better order than the game. Tombins has five games unbeaten, and CRB has three. The Alaguas club, however, have another game to play, as they opened the 14th round on Tuesday – beating the Chapquins.

There are no direct skirmishes from the G-4 in this round. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

  • CSA x Grêmio – 21:30 on Thursday, in Rei Pelé
  • Vasco vs. Opera-PR – Friday at 7 p.m., in Sao Zanzibar
  • Bahia vs. Novrizontino – Saturday at 4 p.m., in Fonte Nova
  • Sport x Brusque – Saturday at 18:30, in Ilha do Retiro (Stadium can change)
  • Tombense x Náutico – Sunday at 11 a.m. in Soares de Azevedo

Top 10 in Serie B.

  1. Cruzeiro – 31 points and 10 wins
  2. Vasco – 27 points and 7 wins
  3. Bahia – 25 points and 8 wins
  4. Gremio – 21 points and 5 wins
  5. Games – 20 points and 5 wins
  6. Tombens – 19 points and 4 wins
  7. CRB – ​​18 points and 5 wins
  8. Brusque – 16 points and 5 wins
  9. Operário-PR – 16 points and 4 wins
  10. Criciúma – 16 points and 4 wins

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