Analysis: Sao Paulo learns from mistakes and takes advantage against Palmyra. Sao Paulo

This time in Sao Paulo, there was no lack of attention and the team did not give up the attack. There were those who observed the similarity of the game against Palmyra, this Thursday, until last Monday: dominance in the first half, Patrick’s goal.

This time, however, in contrast to the duel for Brazil, which the opponent managed to convert into stoppage time in the second half, Sao Paulo maintained the result until the end and took the lead in the Round of 16 of the Copa du Brazil. (Play for the draw on return, July 14, at Allianz Park).

Patrick scores the winning goal for Sao Paulo over Palmyra – Photo: Marcos Reboli

The mistakes made at the start of the week seem to have served as a lesson for Rogerio Senni’s team. The team maintained concentration, competitive rhythm and did not stop disturbing the opponent when he already had the advantage.

And he got a chance to make a big score. But he has repeated a problem with Sao Paulo in recent matches: he can’t finish the game, he can score another goal.

Rogério started the match against Palmyra on Monday with the same team, despite the possibility of saving the players in Thursday’s duel to give preference to Brazil.

It is not uncommon for Sini to climb the same 11 for two games in a row. This indicates that he believed in the plan of the previous game, despite the shortcomings in the implementation in the end.

– The biggest lesson I had was to believe in myself, Monday’s players were the same today. “We were ahead for 194 minutes, Palmyras was ahead for one minute,” Sean said after Thursday’s game.

Sao Paulo made a tireless mark on Palmyra in the first half. The opponent, who has been empty in just four games this season, had virtually no chance against Jandri.

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Cagliari, isolated in the attack, gained company from midfielders, especially Igor Gomez and Patrick. No. 9 almost scored early, but Wurton avoided scoring.

The advantage of Sao Paulo left Patrick’s feet. The midfielder fought at the entrance of the area and took advantage of the mistake of Gustavo Gómez and Danilo, came out in the face of Weverton and hit the goalkeeper without giving any chance.

Cagliari and Morello fight over the ball in Sao Paulo vs. Palmyra – Photo: Marcos Reboli

In the second half, which has been a problem for Sao Paulo, which usually reduces production after the break, the team maintained its grip, even against a better Palmeiras in the early stages.

He had a chance to score, but he didn’t. This is an unresolved issue in Mormbi.

Saini kept the starting line-up as long as he could, leaving the substitute for the last half of the second half. One of them will be remembered.

Miranda replaces Arbolida, who was injured in a tackle with Rafael Navarro. In the fall, he grabbed his left foot on the lawn. He left the field crying.

Sao Paulo is due to undergo a test this Friday, but the first analysis, made in the locker room, was to suspect ankle straps – an injury that should be ruled out of the season and the World Cup.

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The team makes the least use of the return game on July 14 at Schedule Allianz Park. It’s small, but it’s an advantage – nothing to sneeze at when it’s Palmeiras.

Sao Paulo returned to the field for Brasilioro against Juventus again in Mormbe on Sunday.

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