Ancelotti praised Wayne Jr.’s evolution and talked about talent.

Ancelotti praised Wayne Jr.’s evolution and talked about talent.

Real Madrid coach Ancelotti cited the player who surprised him the most this season, and also talked about him not living up to his expectations.

The Real Madrid Is affiliated with Cádiz Away from home this Sunday, the 15th, for the Spanish Championships. With the tournament trophy in four rounds, it’s time for the coach. Carlo Ancelotti This week, during a pre-game press conference on the 14th to review the performance of the team and its players throughout the season.

Having formed a highly competitive team, with a good group integration, but at the same time its players shine individually. Ancelotti was asked which player took him down, and who surprised him. Without thinking much about what he was going to say, the commander immediately named the Brazilian. Winnie Jr. As a positive point.

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“No one let me down. Everyone did their job. I was amazed at the people I knew less: Valorde, Rodrigo, Camaunga. Vanessa Jr. didn’t surprise me, she already showed this skill. Well, at least he didn’t go down without explaining himself first. Rodrygo, Camavinga and Valverde would say. Pointed to the coach.

In order to gauge the evolution of Wennie Jr. in the Meringo team, he has been fielded on 50 occasions this season with a Real Madrid shirt, scoring 21 goals and providing 16 assists. The coach also said in an interview that the Brazilians will not be on the field on Sunday either. CourtoisAs both were given a day of rest.

The Real Madrid coach praised Wayne Jr.
Real Madrid coach praises Wini Jr. (Credit: Getty Images)

In addition, the coaching staff of Real Madrid decided to do the same. BenzymaWho was given two days off. Thus, the three will return to work on Tuesday, the 17th, and will be able to rely on the commander’s return this Sunday. کاواجل, Onion And Eden Hazard To submit lineups and make your own changes.


Ancelotti also commented on the renewal of the Belgian striker’s contract, as his contract expires only in June 2024. Meringo’s coach said that he has not yet spoken directly to the player about this particular subject, but he knows that he wants to be in the team. Controversy over next season.

“He wants to show his worth. Hazard’s plan is clear: stay. A team like Real Madrid has a lot of games. There will be rotations. With a more complete squad you can spin more, everyone can have opportunities. “It’s a great team. Very complex, for everyone.” Pointed to the technician.

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