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The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) determined this Thursday (23). Restrictions and withdrawals of drugs containing Losartan It has been found that “Ajido” is present in impurities in concentrations above the “acceptable safety limit”.

Lasartan is one of the most widely used medicines for high blood pressure and heart failure in Brazil. However, precautions This does not mean that patients should stop treatment.

>>> Check the complete list of lots to be collected.

According to Anvisa, the maximum period for submission of batches is 120 days from the date of publication of the agency’s resolution (23/06/2022).

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Treatment should continue. But in case of doubts or future directions, it is important to talk to your doctor.

“High blood pressure and heart disease require constant monitoring and any change in treatment should only be made by the doctor accompanying the patient. Not taking the medicine can endanger the patient’s health.” , The agency warned.

“It’s still important,” Anvisa said. Contact the Drug Laboratory Consumer Service (SAC), To inquire about batch exchange.

Means of contacting companies are available on product packaging and package insertion.

What are azide impurities?

They are substances that Produces during the manufacturing process Of active pharmaceutical ingredients. They have mutagenic potential.

Why did Invisa draw the lot?

This is a precaution, Performed after product analysis in the Brazilian market. The manufacturers were notified of the order.

What was there

The first sign of azide in Lasserton was in September 2021. Since then, the agency has taken steps to ensure quality standards. Laboratories have been notified.

“Given the results obtained, a number of aspects were reviewed, including product safety and the potential impact of this product on the market, considering that lasartan is anti-hypertensive and heart failure in Brazil. Is one of the most widely used medicines. ” Explained to Anvisa.


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