AOL !, Texter explained the obstacles in the way of Zhao in Botafogo and referred to the attack on CT.

John Textor is in Brazil. The Americans arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday night and will stay in the magnificent city until Sunday. Between promises, they will watch the game Botafogo Against Fluminense, next Sunday, for Brasileirão.

John Texter’s dream for the Botafogo window is talking to James Rodriguez.

The merchant also came to take over the business. As he approached the window, John Textor explained that the situation in Iran Zhawi, Once very close to the clubIt can no longer be so advanced. Explained in an exclusive interview with American. Throw! Direct from Galeao Airport.

– We have a good conversation with him, he has at least two more options. He seems to consider Botafogo a great option, but it’s a family decision. There are many concerns from them, especially regarding the last few weeks. I know he still loves the project and we still talk to him. ” (Watch the full statement in the video above)

+ John Textor increased his influence with Lyon, and Botafogo became a strategic and trading partner in Europe.

The security issue is what worries Zhaoi’s family, who are not yet fully convinced to come to Brazil. Despite the positive signals from the athlete’s draft agreement. John Textor said spectator attacks on Lunar Space, last week, could be affected.

– I think it would be wrong not to admit that the CT attack was a bad thing for the players to sign. We are worried for many reasons, but it affects the players, the families … Anyway, Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful and safe place, we have to keep selling positive things to the players and the families. – Guaranteed.

– Security is definitely one of the issues. He has other options and now he is more of a family choice, he is no longer an athlete. We like him, that’s a big deal and I think he likes the club too. “

Zhawi played for PSV (Photo: Disclosure / PSV)

Confidence ruined?
About two weeks ago, John Textor said Throw! What I expect eight players to sign from Botafogo. Which opens on June 18. Of these, he explained in detail that two were correct and six were yet to be hired.

+ See Brazilian table

However, the merchant released a new version this Wednesday. And it all comes down to the situation in Iran.

– When I said earlier that we already have two players, I was talking about Marcel (already announced by the club) and Zhao, but the conversation is not over yet. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The other six are in the areas we need. It’s early in the window, you try to look at the quality first and then see what’s available later. “


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