Arena Planeta Boi will receive a gift as a digital souvenir of the event at NFT.

Arena Planeta Boi will receive a gift as a digital souvenir of the event at NFT.

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The Arena Planeta Boi will have Gift I NFT (English abbreviation for non-fungible token) as Digital memorabilia Of Ceremony. Unprecedented initiative promoted by Amazon is the best It aims to capture the moments spent by Bambas fans at the Arena da Amazonia, Center-South Zone. Get acquainted.

One Night at the Prentice will feature a collection of five NFT tickets for those who purchase tickets. Party. The first NFT will be given as a gift and the rest of the festival fans can buy.

“Our goal is to give people the insight that anyone in the ‘corrupt’ world can have a real-world memory. Paper is lost. So, we wanted to create a digital record, a digital memory, in the form of NFT, which That is a blockchain, a unique record on a particular subject, let that file become something unique, without corruption “, explained Bruno, CEO of the company. Schmidt

Arena da Amazônia will host the event ‘Arena Planeta Boi’. Photo: Janelton Falcao / Amazonastor

On the platform, with access to NFT already, the player will have access to a token where, according to Schmidt, he will be able to participate in polls, win prizes and even get closer to his appreciation goal. , Which in this case, is the Parintins Festival.

“It has a very unique role to play. We are planning a high-volume NFT, which is unique and invaluable for those attending the event,” the CEO assured.

Unprecedented action

In the world, the Super Bowl, the major American football league in the United States, already uses the NFT. In Brazil, however, this will be the first time a cryptocurrency has been used.

To create the ‘Uma noite em Parintins’ collection, Amazon Best sought to partner with the company Lifeverso, which already has an engagement platform – Life – to communicate between digital memory collectors. ۔

NFT Photo: Disclosure

What are NFTs?

Abbreviation for NFT. Non-fingerprint Token (non-fungible token, in Portuguese translation). To fully understand this technology, it is important to first understand what the terms ‘token’ and ‘fungible’ mean.

A token, in the cryptocurrency universe, is a digital representation of an asset – such as money, property or a work of art – registered on a blockchain, a technology that was created in late 2008 with BTC. For example, if a person owns a property token, it means that you are entitled to that property or part of it.

According to the Brazilian Civil Code, fungible items are those that can be ‘substituted for the same type of other, quality and quantity’, such as the R $ 100 bill which can be exchanged for two R $ 50 bills, for example.

In practice, being a non-fungible token means having a proprietary digital certificate that anyone can view and verify, but no one can change it.

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