Ariel Cabral commented on the effects of Thiago News’ audio on Karzai in 2019

Photo: Vinnicius Silva / Cruzeiro

Thiago Neves and Ariel Cabral were Cruzeiro’s partners for three years.

Ariel Cabral, a former Cruzeiro player, commented on the effects of Thiago Neves’ leaked audio on the group of players in 2019. At the time, Thiago charged football manager Zez Perrela with late pay and talked about his responsibility for a heavenly victory over CSA.

Participate in the framework Where are you?Of Super sportsAriel Cabral recalls how the controversy reached the players. According to him, the group was very upset, but the matter happened very little between them.

“At that time, we were in the club, during the lecture, everyone. The people involved talked about it. We asked the teammates, what happened? Did you say that here?” “It simply came to our notice then.

The Argentine midfielder also criticized Raposa leaders who he said were unable to keep the group closed.

“But we didn’t have time to analyze these things at the time. We had to play other games, other things. I think the group was very upset with the situation, together. And when that doesn’t happen, it happens.” “Very difficult,” he said.

The leaked audio benefited a lot and even became a meme. ‘Fla, Zeez’ is still referred to as a form of provocation for heavenly fans.
At 34, Cabral has been without a club since leaving Cruzeiro in December last year. Argentina gave an exclusive interview to Superesportes (see here), talking about the current moment of his career, the achievements of Heavenly Club and other controversies.

Ariel Cabral bids farewell to Cruzeiro with a crowd of Manero. Watch

Jay Thiago News has not played since 2021, when he played for Sport. Together, the midfielders won two Copas do Brasil for Cruzeiro in 2017 and 2018, but they were also part of the team that moved to the second division.

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