Ariel Cabral reveals the post-Cruzeiro routine and explains why he doesn’t have a club.

Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro

Ariel Cabral has won two Brazilian Cups with Cruzeiro.

Six months after leaving Cruzeiro, Ariel Cabral gave an exclusive interview. Super sports Up to frame Where are you?. The 34-year-old midfielder revealed his current routine and explained why he is out of the club.

Ariel Cabral bids farewell to Cruzeiro with a crowded Menero. Watch

As soon as his contract with Cruzeiro expired, the steering wheel moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He says he keeps preparing himself physically.

“I’m training with a teacher, a physical trainer, a group of players who are without clubs. A little bit of everything, we can’t lose our physical form. I still want to play more, I know that. I can play more. Football, I feel good, I take good care of myself, “he said.

Redemption and comfort

After returning to his homeland, Cabral went through a period of reform. He also wanted to spend more time with his family.

“It’s a thought. I’m here, in good condition, waiting and analyzing some club conditions. I had some suggestions earlier this year, but as I arrived with the family, everything was new. Is. “, He said.

According to Cabral, Colo-Colo from Chile and Cerro Porteo from Paraguay were some of the clubs that showed interest in signing Argentina.

“Some clubs talked to me, asked about the situation. But nothing happened. It was just words. People were asking if I wanted to play, but nothing,” he said.

Another factor that influenced her to stay out of the club was her father’s desire. The player lost his family in 2020, when he was living in Brazil. This year, however, he missed even more than usual.

“Of course I was very sad, hurt emotionally, but I think when I came back here to calm down again this year, I started to miss my dad a lot. It hurt a lot, I had to stay. I thought. With my family, it’s all going on together, “he lamented.

Career continuity

Despite preferring to stay in Argentina in early 2022, Ariel Cabral says he has a different mindset at the moment. With market difficulties, he tends to accept potential offers from foreign clubs.

“Now, six months after my return, I can say that I’m thinking of other things, because the market is sometimes so closed that he can’t choose anything to play with, and time goes by. “Nowadays, the important thing is to look at the market and see if I go to a club, because I will go alone and for the time being I will leave my family in Argentina,” he said.

Finally, the 34-year-old midfielder refused to retire in the coming months. He has no plans for a date and says he is really looking forward to playing football again.

“I didn’t end my career. In those six months I stopped playing a lot. Now I really want to play, I look like a 20 year old boy who wants to run around. Normal, A footballer was born playing and never wants to stop. I really want to, and I can’t talk anymore, “Cabral concluded.

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