Arrived! Giuliano Cazare’s daughter born in Sao Paulo with a rare pathology: “Warrior”

Maria Gلہlharmina had to undergo surgery after giving birth to Giuliano Cazare’s fifth daughter. Watch

Actor Giuliano Kazare This Wednesday (22) she announced the birth of her fifth child, the youngest. Maria Gulharmina. The girl was born in the capital, Sao Paulo, with a special team. Since the pregnancy, doctors have indicated that the little girl has a rare heart condition.

The fruit of marriage with the artist Leticia KazareThe little girl was diagnosed with Ebstein’s Anomaly, Congenital Cardio Pathology. Overall, delivery Maria She was OK, but she needed to be taken to the operating room for a heart repair on the first day of her life.

On Instagram, Giuliano Kazare He described the incident and assured that Waris was recovering well. “Dear friends and family, It is with great pleasure and love that we announce the arrival of our little Maria Gailhermina de Guadeloupe Bastos Kazari, last Tuesday, June 21, at 8:30 AM in Sao Paulo. Reached with special. The heart is expanding the hearts of us and everyone around you! “He began.

Regarding the illness, the actor explained the need for surgery and clarified his daughter’s rare diagnosis: “In prenatal tests, we discovered that she had a rare congenital heart disease called Ebstein’s Anomaly. And that’s going to be the most serious case and that’s why we decided to come to Sao Paulo to be born with a very skilled team. She was born very well, she surprised everyone with great strength and health! But her case prompted immediate surgical intervention, and as such, our little fighters spent it. The first day of life is undergoing a major heart repair. “

“The surgery went well, she is stable and recovering and receiving excellent care. Her doctors and specialists are real heroes, and we are happy and comfortable with such a well-prepared and dedicated team. Nothing, thank you for your continued support, love and prayers, which have been the key to keeping us calm and strong at this time. Our hearts are full of joy and confidence! Maria Gulharmina is the most beautiful thing! “, She continued, feeling relieved after the stressful moments of motherhood.

To finish, Giuliano Kazare He was optimistic and was already predicting the reunion of the little girl with the rest of the family he had made with his wife. “We will continue to take care of everything so that, very soon, we can take her home, where her brothers Vicente, Inacio, Gaspar and Maria Madalena are eagerly awaiting her! We all trust her prayers. Sincerely, Letícia and Juliano Cazarré “.

It is coming!

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