At the height of the Inter, Manu faces the Corinthians for regaining the prestige that led him to Seleção |  International

At the height of the Inter, Manu faces the Corinthians for regaining the prestige that led him to Seleção | International

Mano Menezes made history in Corinthians by taking the team back from Série B in 2008 and winning the Copa du Brazil the following year. This job attracted him to coach the national team after the 2010 World Cup.

Today in Inter, For the 6th round of Brasileirao, in Beira-Rio, this week against Timo, starting at 7 pmLooking to get the club back on track for titles and restore the dignity of the past.

The veteran coach is chasing his first victory against Colorado fans. The prospect of a positive outcome, combined with a good performance against the championship leader, is seen as fuel and encouragement.

After being in charge for 24 days, Manu prides himself on being unbeaten in five games and slowly regains the group’s spirits. Although the controversy seems far-fetched for the national Tetra, Libertadores’ rating will confirm the resumption of careers following the failed performances of Palmeiras, Bahia and Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia.

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Manu Menezes wants to resume his role at Inter – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / International

From the height of choice to the “old” label

The scenarios experienced by the technicians in 2008 and 2022 are different, but they are similar. Manu took over the Corinthians and Inter under pressure.. At the Sao Paulo Club, it was announced that he would take over the leadership of a regulated giant’s reconstruction. Years ago, he succeeded in Grêmio with a return to the elite and a controversy over the 2007 Libertadores final.

For Timão in Série B, he won the title by scoring 85 points, 17 more than second-placed Santo André. That same year, they reached the final of the Copa du Brazil, but lost to Sport.

The following year he had the opportunity to work with Ronaldo. The partnership was successful. As a phenomenon as a phenomenon, he won the state and the Copa du Brazil. In the final of the national tournament, the opponent was Inter which was led by Tight.

As one of the country’s leading coaches, he left Timo for Seleção in July 2010 after the World Cup in South Africa, at the height of his career. At age 48, he took over the reins of the Canarinho team with a mission to rejuvenate the team. He was the first person to call Neymar..

Manu was the first coach to call Neymar – Photo: CBF / Disclosure

Despite a 70% success rate, he was not enthusiastic and was fired in November 2012. The move led to the elimination of Paraguay in the Copa Amrica and a silver medal at the London Olympic Games.

Still on the rise, he took over Flamingo in July 2013. Weeks later, he resigned for failing to implement his philosophy. He returned to Corinth the following year. This time without titles. He took over from Cruzeiro in 2015 and made a promising start, but the offer he could not refuse from Chinese football drove him out of Brazil.

It didn’t take long for Belo Horizonte to return. In his second spell in Raposa, he scored two Copa du Brazil victories. In 2019, after winning 18 games, he left the Minas Gerais club. He will then work in Palmyra for three months until he is fired.

On the downside, Manu remained unemployed for 10 months until he settled in Bahia, where he did not live up to expectations. The next job at Al-Nusra in Saudi Arabia was not exciting either. The label “old” coaches came with the arrival of foreign coaches in Brazil.

Manomaniz caused controversy after he complained to the referee.  Check the coach's history.

Manomaniz caused controversy after he complained to the referee. Check the coach’s history.

During his time at the Baha’i club, negative attention was drawn to Manu Menez’s behavior. Against Fluminense, in Maracanã, in 2020, the coach shot referee Jose Mendonونa:

– I don’t want you to complain to Trump, no. Let him steal

In another game, he insisted that refereeing would benefit the Goiás, coached by Anderson Moreira. He also filed an alleged racially motivated case involving midfielder Gerson, then Flamingo.

Listen to the audio of Mano Manez's conversation with Gerson from Flamingo.

Listen to the audio of Mano Manez’s conversation with Gerson from Flamingo.

“Novo Bro” and Perfect Wedding

Inter started with 2022 feet and started under the command of Uruguayan Alexander Medina. He was fired in April. Thus, Manu’s name, who was unemployed at the time, emerged as an important alternative to his dressing room experience, ability to cope with stress, and familiarity with the club, where he entered the youth category in the early 2000’s. I was

“Manu needs Inter and Inter needs Manu” summarizes what his return to Beira-Rio Stadium meant. By this time, the coach had demonstrated a more peaceful posture, with calm and honest speech. Departing from the spotlight, he turned to “influencing” on social media to bridge the gap with the crowd.

– I believe in life that everything has a time. I firmly believe that I am here because I am a coach who has the skills, knowledge, background and experience to help Inter. But I also think that Inter is the right club to help me. Things get better when you have those interests – Coach said.

One week after the announcement, check out Manu Meniz's moments as inter coach

One week after the announcement, check out Manu Meniz’s moments as inter coach

On the field, despite his short working hours, he achieved significant results and maintained an unbeaten record of five matches. The chemistry between the team and the fans is resuming and could escalate in the event of a positive result against Corinthians this week.

For the 7 p.m. appointment, in Beira-Rio, he will promote Alan Patrick’s entry into the German position. Mercado replaces Bruno Mendes, who does not play because he is from Corinthians. Inter are ninth with eight points, while Timo tops Serie A with 12 points.

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