Athletes repeatedly on the court and in 3×3 due to lack of players – 06/22/2022

When the women’s 3×3 basketball team was called up for the World Cup training phase starting today (22), the list included three Women’s Basketball League (LBF) scorers, three leader rebounds, and supporting leaders. ۔ And the four most influential athletes in the tournament, although most of them did not have a career in the new Olympic Games.

3×3 is as different from indoor basketball as beach volleyball is from indoor volleyball. But, among women, due to the lack of manpower, Brazil has benefited from the same athletes in two different ways and with the same calendar, both in base and adult.

On the court, the moment has been critical for the women’s team for some time. For the second time in a row, they did not qualify for the World Cup, nor did they qualify for the Tokyo Games. Since 2014, it has not won an international match against any team other than the United States. In 3×3, as it is a new game, in which almost all countries start from scratch, the path of the elite will, in theory, be shorter. But the country lacks investment.

This difference can be seen in the final call of the 3×3 World Cup, which started yesterday (20) in Belgium. The four players on the men’s team who won one game yesterday and lost the other are experts in the game and three have permanent jobs in 3×3 clubs. Only Fabrício Veríssimo plays court basketball, and on par with other national divisions.

Among the women, all four registered LBFs play on the court, and are among the main characters of the tournament. Of the league’s five most influential players, three will play in the World Cup: Sasa (Santo Andre), Gabriela (Sampaio) and Vitoria (Bloominau), and others were cut due to injuries: Thaina (LSB, Whoever is the top scorer of the tournament) and Marie Diaz (Atano).

However, the CBB says there is no direct link between success in the country’s major indoor basketball tournament and being called up to a 3×3 team. Confederation said, “Performance in the LBF was not a criterion, but it only reflects the quality and potential of these players, in the current scenario, to be separated in both ways,” the Confederation said in a statement. He did not appoint a spokesperson and only answered questions in writing through the press office.

With the exception of Sassa, who regularly plays 3×3, none of the squad had any relevant history in the game before joining the national team. Vitória has played only two tournaments in his career, both for the national team – one of them, last year’s Copa Amrica, which qualified for the World Cup. Luana and Gabriella are not in the top 30,000 in the huge and detailed FIBA ​​3×3 world rankings, which also gives points for the municipal championship. Meanwhile, the players who scored the most points while playing for their club in 3×3 were not even mentioned in the call-up for pre-World Cup training.

From the beginning

This use of court players in 3×3 comes from the base, where calls are repeated in two different ways. Of the four athletes who won a bronze medal in 3×3 at the South American Youth Games in May, three were Brazilian starters in last week’s Copa Am سبrica 18th, in court basketball, played last week. In the men’s, which had the same schedule, no player was repeated between the two teams, nor in the training stages.

According to the CBB, this happens in women because there is not enough wages. “Around the world, as is the case with 5×5 basketball, there is a difference in the level of development between men’s and women’s basketball. There is still a need to find athletes in 5×5 to compete for equality. The international scene “, the organization says.

“With the entry into the Olympics, more projects investing in 5×5 are entering the 3×3 universe, and our job is to increase the number of championships and calendars, so that we can take quantity, quality, observation of athletes. Be able to find abilities and develop them so that one day we can choose with players who specialize in base to 3×3 training and whose priority is 3×3 basketball “, Confederation continues Is.

Although the roots of both methods are the same, they require different qualities from the players who, in order to compete at a higher level, need to master. In beach volleyball, for example, it is rare for a player who has already migrated after training in one modality to succeed in another. In futsal, the same thing. Brazil has no other alternative in women’s basketball. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

“The priority is 5×5 basketball, and within this internal planning of the technical committees, we review the case by case, tournament by tournament, and we always find the best technical solution for both methods. In 3×3. Brazil’s good performance is still not enough for the international scene. With the groundwork, talent detection and national tournaments being held, we are confident that in the near future there will be fewer and fewer athletes in 5×5 “, according to the Confederation. a thought.

Along with Sasa, Vitoria, Gabriela and Luana, the 3×3 Brazilian team started their World Cup journey today against Austria in Antwerp, beating Austria 16-14. Then, they lost to France 22-11, which was one of the favorites for the title. . On Friday, the first round closes against the United States and New Zealand, the only rivals worse than Brazil.

In the men’s event, the teams of Will Wehrmann, Fabrizio Versimo, Renato Schulz and Andre Ferros made their debuts, beating Puerto Rico 20-16, and beating France 16-15, as they did last year. Avenged defeat, expelled from France. Olympics From Tokyo. Fifth, he plays against Serbia, the biggest power and bronze medalist in Tokyo, and then faces New Zealand. The first in each bracket goes straight to the quarter-finals and whoever comes second and third in the group plays the repechage.

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