Atlético-GO and Goiás draw without a goal in an unprecedented classic in Copa BR

Atlético-GO put more pressure, but the Goiás resisted and the local classic drew 0-0 for the first leg of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16. Today’s game (22) was the first between Goiás clubs in the history of the knockout tournament and took place at the Antônio Accioly Stadium.

Dragon had more initiative in the match, but with a lot of difficulty to pierce Verdão’s defensive block. Well posted, Goiás looked equally satisfied on the scoreboard, attacking only in exceptional counter-attacks.

The return match between the clubs will be on the 13th at 19 o’clock. According to Alviverde, the duel will take place at Haile Pinheiro Stadium, Serrinha. Whoever wins qualifies. In the case of a new tie, the rating will be known on the penalty.

Who did well: Heiner

Without a hitch in defense, the right wing made great strides and participated in most of Atletico-GO’s offensive moves. The ability to triangle dramas, cooperated well when making crossings.

Who was bad: Elvis

Further back with the Goiás, the midfielder’s night was very dim. Despite contributing to the marking, he played little role in catching the ball and setting up guest attacks.

Atletico’s performance: Too much pressure, but little risk

Trying to control the field, Robro Negro had more control of the ball and established himself on the offensive field. However, the team struggled to break through the Goiás set block and tried to open the game on the sides by betting on balls raised in the area. In the initial phase, 12 out of 13 corners were favorable for the home team. Despite this, the team did not force Tadio to work hard.

Returning from the break, the team returned with great enthusiasm but stopped again at the strong marking of the opponent. The team slowed down considerably in the last half of the second half.

Goiás Performance: Tactics worked in defense.

Coach Jair Ventura armed the team with three bodyguards and managed to block the opponent’s entry into the area. The idea was to take advantage of the counter-attacks and Verdão managed to get off the defensive line, but was unable to articulate the dangerous moves to surprise. With the dragon wearing, he proved to be more dangerous in the last 15 minutes of the duel.

Game history

The home team was superior in the first half, but Tadeu made just one great save in the 39 ‘. Gaitano shot and the archer returned to Rato, who had a wide head. On the volley, Luis Fernando had another chance at 47, but was sent off. The best chance for the visitors came in the 32nd minute, with Pedro Raلl’s left kick, which went to the right side of the goal.

In the final stages, the scenario was very similar from the beginning. The home team put even more pressure, but goalkeeper Tadio didn’t have much trouble. The changes had little effect and the game slowed down, with those after 30 becoming more dangerous. Elvis had a great chance to give Goyes a 37 ‘victory, but Ronaldo saved his feet.

The teams are still moving forward in the first half.

With just four minutes left, defender da Silva bent his knee in a ball dispute and fell to the lawn. The Goiás player climbed onto the stretcher and tried to return, but fell again before entering the field, blocking Yan Soto’s entry.

Around 30, it was Wellington Ritu’s turn to feel a thigh injury. Leo Pereira went for a warm-up and joined the Dragons team in the 40’s.

Jairus was worried about a possible expulsion.

Esmeraldino coaches seemed worried about a possible exit. Dadá Belmonte received a yellow card at the end of the first half and was replaced at half-time. Mathis Sales was warned in the 16th minute of the final and the pitch was dropped just five minutes later.

Party before the ball roll

The red-black crowd, which filled Antônio Accioly, had a beautiful party with Atlético-GO’s entry into the arena. Fireworks filled with club colors filled the lawn with smoke, but it did not delay the start of the match.

The weather gets hot

There was not much confusion and smooth referencing in the classic. Anger flares up only twice, once at each stage. The first was at 44 ‘of the first half. Hayner and Dadá Belmonte were shocked after a ball fight and received a yellow card for arguing.

Elvis, on the other hand, came to the second round after a dispute between Elson and Edson. Veniceus and Barhas, who had arrived to riot, were warned in yellow.

Next game

Both clubs will return to the field for the 14th round of Brasileirão this Sunday (26) at 6pm. The Dragon visits Ceará, while Periquito captures Cuiabá.

Data sheet:

Copa du Brazil – first round of Round of 16
History: Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Time: 7 pm (from Brasilia)
the location: Antônio Accioly Stadium, in Goiânia (GO)
Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (SP)
Assistants: Neuza Ines Back (SP) and Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP)
VAR: Marcio Henrique de Gois (SP)
Yellow cards: Heiner, Edson Fernando, Marilyn Fritas, Baralhas (ATG); Dadá Belmonte, Matheus Sales, Vinícius (GOI).

Athletic Go: Ronaldo Heiner, Edson Philippe, Ramon Menezes and Jefferson (Arthur Heinrich); Baralhas, Marlon Freitas and Jorginho Ayrton, Wellington Rato (Leo Pereira) and Louise Fernando (Shalon). Technician: George.

GOIAS: Thaddeus Da Silva (Jan Soto), Reynaldo and Catano; Maguinho (Caio), Matheus Sales (Luan Dias), Elvis (Fellipe Bastos), Diego, Vinícius and Dadá Belmonte (Juan Pablo); Pedro Raoul Technician: Ger Ventura

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