Atlético-MG and Pedrinho are waiting for Shakhtar on loan. The Ukrainian team is afraid of losing it for free Athletic mg

Atletico-MG have been hoping to count midfielder Pedrinho, the former Corinthians footballer, on July 18. But the debt situation, though advanced, is mired in uncertainty over player rights owner Shakhtar Donetsk. Galo already has a contract with the player, but the scenario is complicated and has created animosity between both the Ukrainian team leaders and the player’s agents.

Pedrinho has not been on the field since December 2021, at the age of 24, due to a football stalemate in Ukraine following the country’s war with Russia. Due to the controversy, FIFA last Tuesday announced an extension to June 2023 in favor of suspending the contracts of foreign players.

The thing is, behind the scenes, rumors are circulating that the company may release players (and at no cost). For this reason, Shakhtar fears that Pedrinho will be given a one-year loan to Gallo and, despite the inclusion of a purchase option clause in the agreement – which Atletico has already accepted – The entire کی 18 million investment to remove the player has been lost. Benfica, a year ago.

Shakhtar attacking midfielder, Pedrinho discusses loan with Atlético-MG – Photo: Stanislav Vedmid / DeFodi Images by Getty Images

Due to the uncertainty, Pedrinho has received suggestions from several European clubs in recent days. According to geTeams from France, Spain and England also approached Shakhtar to buy an attacking midfielder, but all An offer of half or a maximum of 60% of the amount paid by the club to Benfica a year ago.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin even called the negotiations between foreign players of Ukrainian clubs in the market “theft”.

“Negotiations are complicated, they are trying to steal our players” (Sergei Palkin)

– There are backstage games, clubs tell them not to play because contracts will be annulled. No one can imagine what is happening … Managers come to clubs and say: ‘Don’t pay Shakhtar, pay me 10 million (euros) and forget the club’. Apparently, some businessmen are thinking that contracts will be canceled because of the war and players can be traded at zero cost – he complained.

Sergei Palkin, Executive Director of Shakhtar Donetsk – Photo: Getty Images

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest game offer for the price that the game pays. Sign premiere!”

This situation has upset Pedrinho’s staff, the main reason being that the attacking midfielder has not been on the field for so long. In addition, since his contract was suspended, he has not received a salary from Shakhtar since March, when the club made final loan negotiations impossible due to the situation.

Now, the staff understands that there is no deadline for the uncertainty, and has called on the Ukrainian club to resolve it on a daily basis.

“It has to be fixed soon, end this story. If they want to sell, sell them. Or lend them to Atlético right away. We can’t wait any longer,” said a source close to the player. Of ge.

Pedrinho trains at CSA’s CT awaiting praise – Photo: Reproduction TV Gazeta

Pedrinho welcomed his return to Brazilian football to wear Galo’s shirt, where he would meet friends such as Guilherme Arana, Allan and Guga (from clubs and the Olympic team). Atlético and Pedrinho already have a loan agreement for June 2023.

This Wednesday, the round portal brought – and ge Confirmed – that Atlético accepted the Ukrainian imposition to set the Brazilian purchase option at 15 and 18 million euros (R $ 81.8 million to R $ 98.2 million at current prices). Now everything depends on Shater.

With a very simple situation, striker Alan Cardick, who already has a contract with Gallo, landed in Belo Horizonte this Thursday. According to Radio Itatiaia, it should sign an agreement this Friday.

Alan Cardiac celebrating the goal for Shenzhen – Photo:

If confirmed, Kardec will be Atletico’s second official support for the July window. In addition, the club has already announced the return of defender Jammerson, who has arrived to provide for the departure of Diego Godin. Boca Juniors striker Christian Pawn is another who is in danger.

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure

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