Atlético-MG could see billions of dollars of debt at risk to bond projects.

Credit: Disclosure / Atlético-MG Official Website

Atletico-MG is facing a number of challenges, the most important of which is being off the field. With the reinforcements and various investments made to win the Brasileirão Serie A and Copa do Brasil in 2021, the club could risk jeopardizing their plans at the cost of such a project.

Significant debt, the biggest in Brazilian football. According to an estimate from GE’s ‘Negócios do Esporte’ blog, Galo’s debt has reached R $ 1.3 billion, without any panorama so that, at the very least, a significant portion of these values ​​can be repaid. This is despite revenue growth in 2021 and reaching R $ 47 million. Because of the prizes of these competitions which he made controversial.

Debt growth, which has become even more explosive since 2020, when it jumped from R $ 830 million to billions, and coincides with the launch of a plan to invest heavily in the purchase of current athletic-led athletes when they Looking for solutions to financial problems. The priority was to include well-known players, such as Hulk, Nacho Hernandez, Guilherme Arana, Zaracho and others, to bring Atlético-MG back on track to victory. All of this is funded by an investment led by the club’s main football patron, businessman Robbins Menon.

If bonds come in, there will be an increase in debt, with long-term values ​​rising (R $ 784 million in 2021), although short-term debt has decreased compared to 2020 (in 2021, BRL 552). hundred thousand). A good portion of the debt comes from sponsorship loans that can be used to purchase reinforcements.

With the prospect of rising debt, there is a risk that Galo will see such a project suffer. That’s why the club is looking for alternatives, one of which is the sale of diamond goods. A portion of the mall near Atletico headquarters is still owned by the team and negotiations are underway to sell it, with up to $ 320 million expected to be raised to reduce major debts.

Converting Atlético-MG to SAF is also on the club’s agenda. This idea has recently been proposed by the leaders, although there has been no practical discussion so far. With the club’s football talks for investors, part of the debt can be forgiven, which can reduce the impact on the club’s accounts.

More immediate action, such as the sale of players, could be on the agenda, although such moves could lead to changes in the plan for the club to stay strong in Brazilian football.

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