Atlético-MG won, but the goal saved Flamingo in the Copa du Brazil.

The night looked like it wouldn’t end well for Flamingo, but Lazarus’ goal in the 34th minute of the second half changed that. Atletico-MG won the first leg of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16 in Mineirão – 2-1 with goals from Hulk and Ademir, but Rubro-Negro is very much alive for the comeback, scheduled for July. 13, in Maracanã. For those trailing 2-0, the end result was not all bad.

With a 2-1 victory in the first round, Atlético can draw in the return that will be ranked in the quarter-finals, while Flamengo must win by two or more goals to continue in the tournament. In case of victory of red and black by the difference of round, the space will be decided on penalty.

But there will be a lot with Gallo and Fla until the return duel, because before the new meeting, each team will enter the field five more times at the Brasileirão and Copa Libertadores games. Now, an Atletico is very light and without pressure. If Turkish coach Mohamed Flamingo was on the verge of dismissal after two consecutive victories, Argentina’s coaches will surely have a peaceful day. The same cannot be said of Dorival Jr., who lost for the third time in four games and sees Flamingo at a critical juncture in the season.

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Who did it well?

Hulk was a great central character in the first game for the Round of 16 of Copa do Brasil, with the author and assistant of a beautiful goal.

Who was bad: Diego Elvis

Flamingo’s goalkeepers are not doing well. After Hugo Souza was criticized for some failures, it was Diego Elvis’ turn to be the target of the mob. The red and black goalkeeper in Gallo’s first goal was very bad.

Atletico-MG match: Round and rebound

It wasn’t bad to start the decision with a goal in just seven minutes in the first half, but a goal early in the match forced Atletico to be more defensive for the rest of the game. With the lead on the scoreboard, Gallo started playing back and looking for counter-attacks.

Flamingo game: Different in the second half

With a different currency from Sunday’s game, Flamingo dominated the first minutes, but a seven-goal lead after the failure of Diego Elvis made the rest of the first half difficult. Doriwal Jr.’s team overcame the early stages, played well, but left something to be desired with creativity. João Gomes and Andreas performed well. The situation in the second half was more favorable for Atletico which increased the score. Flamingo tried to maintain the rhythm of the game, however, he did not manage to stabilize the drama and did not pose any threat to goalkeeper Everson. At 35, Lazaro scored a goal that encouraged the squad to look for a tie, which did not happen.

Mosaic of light

Atlético-MG fans create a mosaic for the Copa du Brazil with a cell phone flashlight before the duel with Flamingo

Photo: Victor Martins / UOL Esporte

More than 50,000 athletes in Mineirão had a great party as the teams entered. Gallo’s fans created a different paperless mosaic to change the color of the light with a flashlight and tape. “Fighting” was a message given to the players.

Lack of praise for Diego Elvis and purpose of Hulk

Right back Mariano showed a great vision of the game and left Hulk in a position to open the scoring by scoring a great goal. Atlético’s No. 7 took advantage of the lack of praise from Diego Alves, who took a long time to get out of the goal and went into hiding after being touched by an Atlético player.

Scares the ball

Atletico proved to be a very confident team on the field and refrained from kicking despite the pressure of the Red Black attack. In several moments the ball was out on the ground but on at least three occasions Gallo made a mistake and gave Flamingo an equal chance.


Atletico and Flamengo will only face each other on July 13 in Maracanã. So far, both clubs are committed to the Brazilian Championship and the Libertadores. Both will take the field for Brasileirão on Saturday (25). Robro Negro welcomes América-MG to Maraca at 7pm, while Galo Fortaleza plays in Mineirão at 9pm.

Data sheet


Reason: First round of Copa du Brazil Round of 16
the location: Manirao, Belo Horizonte (MG)
Date and time: June 22, 2022, 21:30 pm (Brazil time)
Referee: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (Fifa / SP)
Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho van Gas (FIFA / SP) and Miguel Catanio Ribeiro da Costa (SP)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Panheiro (RN)
Yellow cards: Ademir (CAM) Everton Ribeiro, Andreas Pereira and Pablo (FLA)
Objectives: Hulk (CAM) in the 7th minute of the first half; Ademir (CAM) 9 ‘and Lázaro (FLA) in the 34th minute of the second half.

ATLETIC-MG: Everson Mariano, Alonso, Nathan Silva and Guilherme Arana; Allen, Ottavio and Nacho Fernandez (Caleb, 39th on 2nd); Vargas (Robbins, 2 at 17), Canoe (Adimer, 1 at 32) and Hulk. Technician: Turkish Muhammad.

Flamingo: Diego Alves, Matheuzinho (Rodnei, 2nd at 2nd), Rodrigo, Pablo and Filipe Luís (Ayrton Lucas, 33 ‘of 2nd); Arão (Lázaro, 2nd at 2 ‘), João Gomes and Andreas (Thiago Maia; 2nd at 33’), Everton Ribeiro (Pedro, 2nd at 21 ‘), Arrascaeta and Gabriel. Technician: Doriwal Jr.

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