Atltico: Hulk’s honorary citizenship sparks controversy among MG’s deputies.

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Hulk will be honored by the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais.

With the right to debate among state representatives, the title of Honorary Citizen of Minas Gerais was approved this Thursday (23) by 53 votes in favor of Atlictico striker Hulk and three blank votes. As it is a draft resolution, the text does not go through the approval or veto of Governor Romeo Zema (Novo). Now, a ceremony will be held to present a plaque to the Gallo player, one of the highlights of the game in Brazil.

During the vote in the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), there was a heated debate among the deputies. Laura Serrano (Novo) voted blank and said she was angry with the election. According to the deputy, such projects, in practice, “have almost nothing or little effect on the lives of mining citizens”.

“I would like to express my anger with the kind of vote that we have in the Assembly here, which takes a lot of parliamentary time. Even Hulk is an athlete that I admire a lot, an athlete who Bringing results and deserving recognition and excellence in his profession. Eight of his 26 projects on the agenda include the honorary citizenship scheme of relevant cultural interest, projects that are practical in the post-epidemic context. The lesson does not affect the life of a citizen in almost any way, “he said.

answer me.

A few minutes later, Deputy Augustinho Peters (PSD), president of the Legislative Assembly of Manas Garris, raised his voice, criticizing the deputy and calling him a coward for casting a blank vote. Peters did not mention Laura Serrano’s name directly, but her speech did help.

“I pray to Allah to forgive the ignorant. Whose life is limited to money only, that life is limited to two chiefs, two heads like this, forgive the ignorant, sir. Those who think that the administration The people, the administration. The people, caring as a human being, is limited to two chiefs. Forgive those who do not vote and do not know yes or no, vote for the blank, white. Give because they are cowards, white because they do not have the courage. In this plenary, we vote with an open vote so that the population can see the vote of each of us. And vote for some whites, if they are cowards. If you are against the plan, vote for white, “he said.

Pictures of Atletico’s light goal at Flamingo in Copa du Brazil

“Forgive the ignorant, forgive those who think that the lives of the people in Minas Gerais are limited to two or three billionaires. Forgive those who are encouraged by them and financially. Encourage, only go to this rostrum to defend the rich. Activity is limited to cost reduction, not production. Forgive those whose speech is easy, your agenda is as simple as the internet, Forgive those who think they are better than others, who think they do not have the right to criticize because they think they are superior. Forgive the ignorance and arrogance of those who Understand that they are new and new, new people will learn in their way.


Congresswoman Laura Serrano (Novo) prioritized other issues at ALMG. “My anger remains: is it possible that one-third of the agenda, which focuses on honorary citizenship, related cultural interests, will be a priority for Minas? Don’t we have more important priorities? The state, which is the source of more resources. Will allow? In education, health and safety, which has been suspended since 2019. We have a project like Sanitation Blocks to bring our state legislation in line with the national regulatory framework to make basic sanitation universal. In the state, we are talking about families in the north, and northeast of Minas, where there is no access to water, and the project has been stalled for a year.

“Again: I’m not angry with Athlete Hulk, who deserves all sorts of recognition as a great athlete. But what are Minas’ priorities? Three to four out of ten projects are for honorary citizenship and related cultural interests. Yes. Fox? I don’t think so. That’s why I voted blank for the project, “Serrano added.

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Light in the sleeve

Following the controversy, Agostinho Patrus (PSD), an athlete, used social media to invite Hulk to the Brazilian national team. “Hulk is officially linked to Manas! ALMG Plenary has named the Atletico striker an honorary citizen. Fair and deserving recognition. All that is missing is a place in the Brazilian national team. Al, Tight! Call Hulk ! “, He said.

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