Awaiting his birthday present, Gui Santos looks forward to joining the NBA.

Difficulty overcoming anxiety. Only in Brazil Draft The 2022, which is taking place this Thursday (23), the young Gui Santos is living with the hope of being selected by the NBA team, after more than a month of training in the United States.

Minas Tennis Club Forward has participated in ten training sessions for the league’s franchises, including the season’s finalists, Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors. Therefore, Gui hopes that the birthday present – he will turn 20 this Wednesday (22) – even if one day arrives late.

“Anxiety is a little bit difficult to control, especially in this last phase. I keep my head busy. That way time passes quickly. So, I trained well, strong, very intensely, and I I was able to show what I can do in attack and defense in addition to my personality. One of the teams I coached was the Golden State Warriors, the current NBA Champions. In this environment, in this incredible structure It was an incredible experience to be present. However, I did my best and the opportunity to enter the NBA would be the best gift I could get, “said the Brazilian winger.

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Finally, in addition to the Celtics and Warriors, Goi Santos has coached eight other teams: Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Sons, Sacramento Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers. And Houston. Rocket

From the list above, the Sun alone has no choice in the 2022 draft. Rockets, on the other hand, have only Picks The first period (3 and 17). As such, the other eight teams have second-round picks, which is most likely for Gucci Santos. Draft.

Gui Santos

One of the biggest promoters of basketball in the country, a player from Minas Tênis Club is the only Brazilian registered for this year’s recruitment. Born in Brasilia, Wenger has already received a number of calls from Brazil’s main team.

In 2021, Gui was voted “Young Highlight” and “Most Developing Player” by the NBB. For the second season in a row, Wenger has been in the main rotation of the Minnesota team. Also, in January of this year, he was instrumental in the unprecedented Super 8 Cup title.

In NBB 21/22, in turn, he helped Minas reach the third best campaign of the ranking phase. Thus, in 37 games in the main national basketball competition, Gui averaged 10.1 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.0 assists in about 25 minutes on the court.

Possessing a privileged body – 2.02m long, 2.08m wing spread and 95kg -, Gui is a winger with many technical resources. After all, he is easy to start dramas and create for his teammates, recover and is very aggressive in attacking the basket. In addition, it is capable of defending multiple positions.

Therefore, Gui Santos is very likely to be the next Brazilian to play in the NBA. Currently, Brazil has only two representatives in the World’s Best Basketball League: Point Guard Rawlinsho (Washington Wizards) and Point Guard Didi Luzada (Portland Trail Blazer).

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