Bahia X Athletico-PR is Satan’s battle with the Lord of Heaven.

The CBF’s Baha’i president, Adenaldo Rodriguez Gomez, should be careful about recommending reasonable arbitration for the Bahia X Athletico du Prana couple.

No one can be mistaken by naivety, forming the belief that football decides only by competing against teams on the field, and remembering the “hot back” of a tough opponent.

No one wants benefits for Bahia, but the last part of Serie A 2021 takes care of safe guidance from CT and VAR men to avoid a repeat of organized robbery, which would lead to evictions in cases of corruption. Is.

Knowing that, as I do, Adenaldo’s ability to work, since he has been hosting our World Cup, Inter-Municipal, this warning may have been unnecessary, but better yet Make a mistake

In our Master’s Thesis, presented in 2003, under the guidance of Elias Machado, it was shown that “football is politics”, when the episodes about leaders were analyzed.

Wouldn’t it be more sensible for President Guillaume Bellantani to give a lecture in the locker room today? It’s a dangerous game, because of the power of the off-field.

As my friend My Bahia (Bahia!) Wrote in collaboration with this text:

There is a well-known saying that politics, football and religion are not discussed. The players agreed to take to the field with a team shirt featuring the name of the then candidate Bolsonaro. We are talking about a big team, one of Paraná’s biggest fans. The club that carries the weight of a politician’s campaign on its shirt carries the weight of its actions and misdeeds throughout its history. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss politics and football, yes.

Does Athletico Paranaense support aggression against locals, blacks, women and LGBTQIA +?

Do you ignore health and support more than 19,000 to 680,000 deaths?

Do you also support attacks on culture and the arts?

Do you support deforestation and relocation of herds with fire in the Amazon and Pentagon?

Does it support inflation, unemployment and hunger?

Do you support locals calling Bruno and journalist Dom an adventurer?

Poor Monica, in her usual claim, “will include stories of hatred against blacks, homosexuals, northeasts, women … encouraging a wave of violence in the country; and the tragedy of the economy, cooking gas.” , Leading to higher prices of essential commodities like fuel … The result was famine, millions of hungry people returned to the streets.

There are people who disagree and it is important to thank those who disagree, because with this sympathetic ability to integrate the opposite there is only dialogue (exchange of two reasons), as in “Resenha Amazônia” My good neighbors on the list teach generously when they cooperate with questions, highlighting the concerns of the expression “genocide” in the statement about the management of epidemics.

Good performance from the squadron is not enough: the mob has to whistle at the man with the whistle and VAR with the coin toss.

Ah, the title of this column was stolen from a wonderful album by Zé Ramalho.

Paolo Landro is a journalist and professor of culture and society.

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