Baptistão’s pain until he established himself in Santos.

Léo Baptistão was Santos’ main contributor in 2021. At Santos’ heart, the striker refused to reinforce Peixe, wearing the number 9 shirt and welcoming Neymar in the official announcement. However, the first few months were far from expected.

In Spain, Rayo Vallecano, Atlético de Madrid, Betis and Espanyol, and in Wuhan, China, for more than two years, Baptistão had difficulty adapting to Brazilian football. He moved abroad in 2009 at the age of just 16. And returned with 29.

The forward played only seven times in 2021 until he suffered a serious calf injury. He returned in the final match of the Brazilian Championship, against Cuiabá at Villa Belmero, and was cheered on almost throughout the stadium.

“I got here at Santos at a difficult time, I played some games, tried my best and I got hurt. I came back against Cuiabá, it was a game in which we were already calm, but we Libertadores could play too. I, I went to the locker room badly and I had it in my mind, “Baptistau told Santos’ official podcast,” Santos Cast. “

To forget about 2021, Léo Baptistão focused on the pre-season to be 100% physical and take off. With the renewal of Marcos Leonardo, he changed shirt 9 to 92 to get some weight off his waist. However, the first games of the year were bad again.

Annoyed, Baptistão refrained from leaving the house, felt embarrassed, and began to cry with two friends at the Santos bar.

“It started in Paulista and I didn’t do well either. I felt my calf a bit and I went out for some sports. My friend: ‘Where are you? We saw you more when I I was in China. “My wife wanted to go out to dinner and I was embarrassed to see my friends being in Santos, not performing and everyone came to the stadium. They saw me insulting Cuiaba. That was the thing that impressed me the most. ” Striker

“I called two close friends on Monday. We went into a bar and got a beer to take out. I started crying with them saying I don’t know what’s going on and I’m going to surrender.” I am not able to. ” He told I will rest and return. From then on, I began to feel that life was much more than that. I started lifting that weight off myself and wanted to succeed at Santos. My wife helped me a lot, my father and my family. Home, I started training again, I came back and recovered. When I had the chance, I played well in Sodamericana, scored a goal against Ferrero-Waldner and I got off the truck off my back. I started taking off. “, He added.

Better adapted and lighter, Léo Baptistão really got started. He became a full starter under Fabián Bustos and has scored six goals and three assists in 20 games this year. Hired as a center forward, he has established himself on the right side of the attack, where he prefers to play.

After the tour, Baptistão is one of Santos’ hopes for a Classic against the Corinthians tomorrow (22) at the Neo Química Arena for the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

There will be two consecutive pairs with a rival away from Peixe’s house. Wednesday, 21:30, for the Copa du Brazil, and Saturday, 19:00, for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship. The return game for the Copa du Brazil is scheduled for July 13 in Villa Belmero.

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