Barrow scored three times and Corinthians beat the Brazilian U-20 international.

After 16 days without a match, Corinthians returned this Tuesday to commit to the Brasileirão Sub-20. For the second round of the tournament, Timãozinho visited Internacional and Won by 5 to 0. Gelharm Barrow scored three times and Arthur Sousa twice.

The Corinthians’ tragic performance was mainly due to an afternoon that was influenced by midfielder Guilherme Biro. Team No. 10 scored the team’s first three goals. In one of them, he also covered the international goalkeeper with a beautiful kick at an angle.

With the victory, Corinthians earned their first points in this edition of the Brazilian Championship. Now, Danilo’s coaching team is establishing itself as the vice-leader of Group B of the competition.

Write it down, faithful! The Corinthians will return to the field next Sunday for the category, also for Brasileirão. The opposite of time is Atlético-GO, away from home, at 10 o’clock in the morning.

the game


Coach Danilo did not have his top five players. Cases of Weasley, Giovanna, Mathis Araujo, Philip Augusto and Robert Rennon.

With that, he went to the field with the Corinthians Cao Liu Mana, Joao Pedro, Merillo and Veteran Mir; Zé Vitor, Ryan and Biro Pedrinho, Keke and Arthur Sosa.

My helmet

first time

Corinthians started the post game in coach Danilo’s traditional 4-3-3. In this configuration, Guilherme Biro opened to the right and went to Kaike on the left. Central Lane was occupied by Pederino, the more advanced, and a pair of midfielders with Zé Vitor and Ryan Gustavo.

In three minutes, Corinthians managed to threaten the opponent’s goal for the first time. Defender Merillo made a beautiful tackle on the defensive field and took the ball towards the attacking field. When pressed, Temao’s defender left Arthur Sosa in front of the goal, which he completed, but stopped at the goalkeeper.

The defenders, by the way, looked really ready to score this Tuesday. Nine minutes later, Merillo got in the middle and finished with a force in the hands of goalkeeper Anthony.

The team defense needed to work for the first time in the 15th minute of the first half. In a left-wing move, Jonathan Cowan managed to eliminate the area alone. In the bid, goalkeeper Kau responded well and defended.

In the 25th minute, Timo scored a brilliant goal and jumped on the scoreboard. The game began with a beautiful exchange of defenders’ passes on the defensive field. Ryan received in midfield and activated Pedrinho, who soon split the cake. Timo’s No. 7 left Barrow in front of the goal to open the scoring.

The minutes after the Corinthians’ goal were less impressive on both sides in making the play. The hottest move came in the 37th minute, a foul by Zé Vitor. Rio Grande dosal teammate Ryan Gustav was angry with the opponent who stopped the bid by hitting the ball. Both Timão’s steering wheels had turned yellow.

At 40 minutes, another clear opportunity for the Corinthians. Guilherme Biro made a nice fan on the right and took it back. In the sequence, he mobilized Ryan as he faced the goal, hitting hard, but saw the ball cut through the international defense towards the goal.

Corinthians had two clear chances to increase the score in stoppage time. The cake launched deep into Arthur Sosa, leaving the goalkeeper behind in a beautiful dribble. As soon as the goal was scored, Timo’s center forward hit the post. Barrow still managed to recover, but was stopped. Thus, the first half ended 1-0 for the Corinthians.

second time

Corinthians returned determined to increase the score in the second half. And they managed to do it in the first minute of the final stage.. Guilherme Biro received the goal on the far right. Shirt 10, however, was not intimidated by the distance and covered the goalkeeper, kicking in place at an angle. A great goal for Timão.

With a two-goal advantage, naturally, the team retreated as much as possible in defense. The internationals, thus, began to create more possibilities for controlling the occupation and the threat. In one of them, Léo Mana managed an incredible interception in a bid that would score the first goal for the Rio Grande do Sul team in the game.

Even aggressively shy, the Corinthians did not abandon the effect of the first half. In one of the few counterattacks, Kaike was launched by Pedrinho and assigned to Guilherme Barrow. Corinthians’ No. 10 kicked hard and the defense faltered to score the third goal of the match. Timão extends to 3-0.

Heavy rain in Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul, caused heavy lawn to exhaust some Corinthians players. Danilo thus promoted Breno Biden to replace Kaike to further fill his midfield.

And the exchange, at 27 minutes, had a practical effect. Attacking the transition again, Brennan Biden intervened and threw Arthur Sousa. The Timãozinho striker, with impeccable coolness, dropped the international goalkeeper to the ground and scored the fourth goal of the Corinthians on Morada dos Quiro-Keros.

If the performance of the Corinthians line players was anything more than a real show, in terms of goals, it was no different. Goalkeeper Cow performed a miracle in the 34th minute of the second half by kicking at an angle.

And the defeat was really cemented in the 47th minute of the second half. When the match was already deep, Juninho found Breno Biden in the middle. Timo’s midfielder left Arthur Sousa in front of the goal and scored the fifth goal for Danilo’s team. Final 5-0 against Corinthians International.

International 0 x 5 Corinthians Fact Sheet

Competition: Brazil U-20 Championship
the location: Morada dos Quero-Queros Stadium, Alvorada, RS
History: 21 June 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Jonathan Giovanilla Vivian
Assistants: Fabricio Lima Baseggio and Mara Mastella Moreira
Objectives: Guilherme Biro (three times), Arthur Sosa (twice) (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Rangel and Mathis Dias (International); Cow, Z. Waiter, Waiter Mir, Ryan and Pedrinho (Corinthians)

International: Anthony Alan Eniz, Joe Pedro, Lucas Ryan and Lucian (Veniceus Souza); Rangel and Jonathan Cowan (Whitinho); Matthias Dias, Luca (Jr.) and Allison; گستاو۔
Technician: Joe Miguel

Corinthians: کاؤ; Lu Mana, Joe Pedro, Marillo and Z. Waiter; Vittor Meyer, Cake Ferrari (Brino Biden) and Guilherm Barrow (Junino); Arthur Sousa, Ryan (Reckelme) and Pedrinho (Leo Augustinho).
Technician: Danilo

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