Based on blockchain, the Brazilian company wants to bring marketing closer to Web3.

Based on blockchain, the Brazilian company wants to bring marketing closer to Web3.


Angry Parrot, one of the NFT projects developed by

With the goal of bringing the potential of the so-called Web3 closer to marketing, concepts and technologies derived from this universe, including blockchain and decentralization, have been developed by entrepreneurs Pedro del Priver, Paolo Martینnez and Marcos Bravo, partners of Agência Ginga, GIRA. .DAO made. The company, formally called an ecosystem by its founders, will be based on the dynamics of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where four operations operate in a network and collaboratively.

DAO’s concept is derived from 2015 and is based on blockchain technology, which experts described in 2015 as “an ideal change in the concept of economic organization, offering complete transparency, complete control to participants, unparalleled flexibility and independent governance.” What was stated? “

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The GIRA.DAO ecosystem consists of four companies: Ginga, an integrated advertising agency that combines strategy and creativity in building modern brands. Diva, smart innovation, digital transformation and CX (customer experience) consultancy. Signa, a vibrant branding, design and UX consultancy (user experience and consultancy specializing in education, strategy, project creation and implementation on, Web3 and for the constitution and implementation of governance at GIRA.DAO) Is responsible

Pedro del Priore explains that the plan is “a new action proposal for brand building and communication”. Martینnez emphasizes that “the main goal of GIRA.DAO is to create a flexible and collaborative environment conducive to creativity and innovation to address the challenges of modern communication and marketing.” The model, in turn, represents a more sophisticated and comprehensive approach to responding to these changes, with an ecosystem that combines the knowledge and perspectives of different craftsmen to create successful projects. Allows us to connect and collaborate. “

DAO dynamics

Gira.Dao was born as partners with some brands, including Animale, Burger King, Even Construtora, Mercado Livre and Polenghi. Ecosystem companies also have partners as David Galase, head of branding and design at SIGNA, and four other partners at Thomas Rebergo, director of strategy and business, Pedro Ivo Broder, web 3 specialist , Designer, artist and web3 expert Hirokazu Shimabokuro and innovation, entrepreneurship and service design expert Marcelo Nicolau.

The DAO design and implementation was carried out by a team of Web3 experts from In the first phase, between the permanent employees and the Talent Network, approximately one thousand people are predicted to enter the community in 12 months. Will be. Organizations, their companies and projects. The following initiatives include a public opening for any professional who wishes to participate, including participating in DAO projects and proposing new ideas for companies and solutions, rewards according to degree of participation, and participation.

After all, what is a DAO?

With the growing popularity of Web3 and NFTs, understanding the concepts related to these technologies has become increasingly important. And one of them is DAO. Abbreviation of decentralized autonomous organization, in literal translation. According to Raphael Kling of BrasilNFT, DAOs are “basically a group of people whose common purpose is organized without any central leadership that uses blockchain networks for decision making.”

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What is the relationship between DAO and NFT?

“They can offer multiple models of democratic and participatory organization and decision-making. Whether with the system of NFTs acting as digital identifiers (each DAO member votes), with the decisive token (number of tokens). The more, the heavier the weight (or even the mechanisms that allow for a balance between economic power and identity). “

Practical examples of DAOs.

“We have some successful examples and others not so much. Last year, a DAO was set up to buy the movie Duna’s NFT, which was to create spin-off movies and games about the universe. However, The group did not take into account the fact that the acquired assets did not transfer the copyrights, e.g. There’s also Cross House DAO, which has ڈالر 1.5 billion to acquire a franchise and is able to put together a team to play in the NBA. “
In the medium to long term, do DAOs bring business opportunities?

“I see a lot of potential for another type of model, such as crowdfunding, participating in a partial operation. In recent years, for example, there has been a lot of talk about tokenization of real estate assets. 100 apartments. In a single building, we will have multiple tokens of these properties and compensation for each of them. Another option could be a DAO that owns the entire infrastructure and decentralized token owners in addition to compensating them according to established rules. Make wise decisions.

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