Bea Wimbledon could be close to the top 20.

In the event of a second title, Brazil could finish the week with less than the top 20 points.

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Eastbourne (England) – Still unbeaten in the grass season, with 12 consecutive wins, Batteries Haddad Maya tried to climb higher in the rankings. Nottingham and Birmingham WTA 250 champions and already Definitely in the Eastbourne 500 quarterfinalsBrazil’s No. 1 is currently ranked 29th with the results, but could end up in the top 25 by the end of the week and perhaps even closer to the top 20 in case of another title.

The campaign to the quarter-finals in Eastbourne is gaining 100 points for Bia. She’s not defending anything this week, but she needs to lose 43 points from her 16th and worst result to rank. As a result, after winning the first two rounds of the East Bowl, his total score has risen from 1,640 to 1,697, but his situation has not changed.

Bia starts to gain position if she wins the quarterfinal match against Ukraine’s Lysia Tsurenko. Scheduled for 12:30 (Brazil time) this Thursday.. The WTA 500 has 185 points in the semi-finals and will already reach Brazil’s 1,782 so she has not played since Saturday. With the possibility of leaving behind. They also face Victoria Tomova of Bulgaria in the quarterfinals in Eastbourne.

If Sao Paulo reaches the final from Sao Paulo to East Bourne, finishing third in a row on the grass, she will score 305 points, bringing the total to 1,902. This will bring it closer to the top 25 in the world already, again depending on the results of direct competitors.

In the event of another title, she would score 470 points, bringing the total to 2,067. That puts her ahead of current No. 21 Veronica Kadermitova, who has 2,045 points, and will be very close to world number 20 Victoria Azarenka, who fell 60 points this week to 2,086 by Monday. Have arrived

Opponents defend points at Wimbledon.
Although no ranking points have been offered in this year’s edition of the Wimbledon tournament, Bia will have the opportunity to take advantage of direct opponents’ discounts. Last year, he competed in Kowali and scored only 30 points, which does not even count in his current rankings. Already in 2022, She will be the 23rd seed.Players from Russia and Belarus will not face any opponents in the top 8 because of the veto, and thus before the round of 16.

Elena Rebakina, the 21st-ranked Kazakh in the world, and Madison Keys, the 24th-ranked American, will lose 240 points to reach the Round of 16 last year. Angelique Kerber, ranked 18th in the world, made it to the Wimbledon semi-finals and lost 780 points after the tournament. Of those three players, only Ryabakina has unused ranking points, currently 55.

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