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Remo’s president, Fabio Bentes, has been criticized by some and has been praised by others in recent days by Leo’s fans. In an interview with the club’s press office, the manager talked about the controversial recruitment of coach Gerson Gosmao, details how coach Paolo Bonamigo was fired and highlighted the areas that have been linked with a series C The rest must be supported.

Gerson Gusmão was announced as Remo’s coach last Tuesday, two days after Bonamigo was fired. Fábio sheds light on how he chose the commander and highlights some of the professor’s accomplishments at Operário, a team he commanded for five seasons.

– When we decided to replace Professor Bonamigo, first of all, we went looking for professionals who updated with the competition. We’re halfway through a championship, we wanted to find professionals who were following, watching the games, studying the teams and the possibility of Gerson’s name being raised, which we did shortly. Who spent five years in Oprah, managed to get. The team was knocked out of Serie D and strengthened in Serie B, where they were two-time Brazil champions.

Gusmão’s hiring has been widely criticized, with Alexander Cavalcanti, president of the former coach’s club Botafogo-PB, particularly criticizing the coach’s departure from Mercury to the club. Bentis spoke of negotiations with the commander and commented on Bello’s remarks.

Gerson Gusmão, Botafogo-PB – Photo: Guilherme Drovas / Botafogo-PB

– He was doing well at Botafogo-PB and he did last year. We searched and made a suggestion, there was a termination clause, he activated it and agreed to come immediately. It was a fast and strong dialogue. I’m very confident, some players have already worked with him. To give you an idea, the teams we are going to face, only against Figurens, he has not played yet, the rest of the teams, he has already studied and formulated a strategy.

This is natural, the football market allows this kind of situation. If you want a player, a professional, a member of the coaching staff who is at another club, you have to make a suggestion and he will leave if he gets a chance.

– Fabio Bentes, President of Remo

While Gusmão was already considering Remo, Bonamigo was saying goodbye to the club. The resignation of Leão’s former coach was announced by Fábio himself, shortly after the Rams lost 2-1 to Altos-PI last Sunday. The manner in which the coach’s leave was advertised was criticized by the fans.

– I want to make it clear that Paolo Bonamigo is one of the greatest professionals who has gone through Remo. As a fan and president, I am very grateful for all three of these quotes. Every time he passed by, he left with good results, two accesses and a title, so he didn’t need any introduction. Every cycle ends. We talked earlier this week about some of the things that are happening in the team, in our opinion, some improvements need to be made. He knew that external pressure was too strong, we could see that he was working and dedicating himself, but some results were not happening.

Bonamigo, rowing coach – Photo: Cristiano Martزnez / O Liberal

– Discussions about the possibility of quitting had already started and with a negative result, the game was over and immediately, I asked my football coordinator, Joao Galva, to contact Bonamigo, he said in the dressing room. I spoke to him, he explained the situation and informed him of the dismissal. When I was informed that Bonamigo had been announced, I went to the press to announce it. My purpose in announcing immediately after the match was to avoid further uproar. Contrary to some people’s rumors, Professor Bonamigo was soon contacted and then we went to the press to talk.

Under the new arrangement, Remo is considering the Serie C controversy. The team is ranked 9th with 16 points, and is out of the G-8, the group that qualifies for the competition square. Fabio Bentes emphasized that Leão was focusing on hiring new services and highlighted a specific area that should be supported.

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– We are monitoring the market, in our review, we need to strengthen the defense sector, of course Gerson is coming and we have started exchanging views with him in this regard, he reviewed the squad there. So, I’m sure some athletes will be empowered. In the offensive sector we have good parts and good options, we are well served, in the defense sector we need more alternatives.

Remo’s next challenge will be against Figueirense next Monday, the 27th, at 8pm at the Orlando Scorpio Stadium. This match will be suitable for the 12th round of Brazilian Series C. G-Para follows Doyle in real time.

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