Bernardino downplayed Brazil’s defeat in the league: “We had worse stages” Volleyball

The difficult phase is not scary. Bernardino. The former coach of the Brazilian men’s volleyball team and currently in charge of Sesc-Flamengo, said he was confident of the team’s evolution in the League of Nations. This Thursday, during Arena Cesc, a project was set up at ParkShopping in Jacarepaguá to encourage sports, telling people to be patient so that everything fits on the court.

– This is the beginning of the season. We have a much worse stage.. People are talking about defeat. It’s part of the process.. Part of the renovation is the ex-servicemen. We need to understand that it is time to act until things happen. I have no doubt that we will be much better in the final. – They said.

+ Brazil reacted and defeated Serbia.
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Bernardino at a Sisak event – Photo: Leandra Krupos

Bernardino topped the men’s team’s winning streak with two Olympic titles and three world titles. The coach highlighted his return after the victory against Serbia this Thursday. Victory stopped three defeats in the League of Nations.

– Today we have achieved a significant victory against Serbia. I think it’s important to understand that this is a process. It is not overnight that you win. Indeed, you are anxious, you are sad because of defeat. But we know that, in the game, that’s part of it.

Bernardino at a Sisak event – Photo: Leandra Krupos

During the ceremony, Bernardino also highlighted the importance of organizing programs that encourage young people and children to practice sports.

– I think the opportunity that Sesc and ParkJacarepaguá are providing for these young people is great. Dynamics, experience, their joy around the ball. It’s not even about the technique, as much as you plant the seeds, make these kids interested in playing the game. Such incidents are necessary in places where you do not have much opportunity in practice.

With the victory against Serbia, Brazil returned to the ranking zone in the final of the League of Nations. With three wins and three losses, he is now seventh with nine points. Only the top eight guarantee a place in the title fight. This Friday, at 10:30 a.m., he had the opportunity to confirm his response to Iran. Sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and ge follows everything in real time..

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