Best Moments Atlético-GO 0x0 Goiás for the Copa do Brasil | 06/22/2022

20: 532 hours ago

Game over!

Atletico-GO 0x0 Goiás

20: 493 hours ago

Alternatives to Emeraldino

47 ‘- Philip Bastos replaces Elvis

20: 483 hours ago


45 ‘- Five more minutes of play

20: 483 hours ago


45 ‘- Caio Vinícius dominates the entrance to the small area in front of the goal, hits high and sends! Pedro Rawls called for a free ball on the left.

20: 443 hours ago


42 ‘- Vinícius and Baralhas receive the card.

20: 443 hours ago


41 ‘- Players argue and fight around the field.

20: 413 hours ago

Save Ronaldo!

38 ‘- Elvis gets him to the edge of the area, shoots low and strong, and the goalkeeper quickly picks him up with his foot in a reflex!

20: 393 hours ago

Change in the Dragon

36 ‘- Louise Fernando comes out for Shalon

20: 363 hours ago


34 ‘- Marilyn Fritas lands Diego at the entrance to the Atletico area and receives a card.

20: 353 hours ago

Passed by everyone

32 ‘- Diego crosses down on the right, but no one is visible in the small area to finish

20: 313 hours ago

Alternatives to dragons

29 ‘- Arthur Henrik replaces Jefferson.

20: 273 hours ago


25 ‘- Atlético-GO 12 x 7 Goiás

20: 243 hours ago

Change Goiás.

20: 203 hours ago


18 ‘- Matthews Sales receives card after erring Erton.

20:18 3 hours ago

Confusion in the bank

15 ‘- A member of the military police accidentally squeezes pepper spray and the players run to avoid it.

20: 133 hours ago

Got in trouble

11 ‘- Pedro Raؤl fights with Ramon in attack, falls on the field and asks for a free kick. The judge does not score.

20:10 3 hours ago

get out

7 ‘- Georginho took a corner from the right and Barlas headed wide at the first post.

20:05 3 hours ago

Goal in the second game of the night

3 ‘- Pedro Rocha turns a hurricane against Bahia. 2 x 1.

20:04 3 hours ago

Moved to Goiás

1 ‘- Juan Pablo replaces grandfather Belmonte.

20:03 3 hours ago

The second half begins

Roll the ball again

19: 494 hours ago

Continued in another game.

Christian draws for Atletico-PR. 1 x 1 against Bahia.

19: 484 hours ago

Break up

Atletico-GO 0x0 Goiás

19: 464 hours ago


46 ‘- Two more minutes in the first half

19: 454 hours ago


45 ‘- Dadá Belmonte and Hayner are yellow.

19: 454 hours ago


44 ‘- Luiz Fernando and Dadá Belmonte seem strange to each other on the field, and a confusion begins

19: 444 hours ago


43 ‘- Edson Fernando receives complaint card.

19: 414 hours ago

Atletico GO alternative

40 ‘- Wellington Rato leaves injured Leo Pereira.

19: 384 hours ago

In another game of the night for the tournament

37 ‘- Lucas Mogne starts scoring for Bahia at home against Atletico-PR

19: 374 hours ago

Keep the protector away

36 ‘- Atlético took a corner from the right and Reynaldo cleared the danger.

19: 324 hours ago


32 ‘- Atlético-GO 8 x ​​1 Goiás

19: 284 hours ago

Ronaldo is gone.

27 ‘- Goalkeeper du Draigau drops a goal and enters the ball after the launch of Goiás from the left.

19: 244 hours ago


23 ‘- Goiás fills the entrance to the penalty area and makes it difficult for Atlético to infiltrate.

19: 204 hours ago

get out

20 ‘- Marlon Freitas is threatened from a long distance, the ball moves in the way and goes far beyond the goal.

19: 184 hours ago

Grab the ball

17 ‘- Atlético-GO 66% x 34% Goiás

19: 134 hours ago

It didn’t work for Da Silva either.

12 ‘- The guard came out to enter Jan Soto

4 hours ago at 7:10 p.m.

This salva

8 ‘- Goiás defender feels pain in leg.

19:03 4 hours ago


3 ‘- Heiner moves to the right, the ball loses to Grandpa Belmonte, but the ball goes to Atletico.

19:00 4 hours ago

Whistle the referee!

The ball is spinning in Antônio Accioly Stadium!

18: 544 hours ago

Field Teams

Brazil’s national anthem is played.

18: 435 hours ago

Emeraldino’s initial lineup

18: 435 hours ago

Little dragon

18: 185 hours ago

Good night

At 19:00, the ball goes to the Gئنn derby for the Copa du Brazil. Don’t leave game details with us.

01:17 The day before

How and where to watch Atlético-GO vs Goiás live

Match between VAVEL here in Brazil, in addition to real time Atletico-GO vs. Goiás It will be broadcast live on Sport TV and Premier.

01:12 The day before

When is the Atletico-GO vs Goiás match and how to follow live?

01:07 The day before


01:02 The day before

Unparalleled classic in Copa du Brazil

00:57 The day before

Possible initial lineup for Goiás

00:52 The day before

Goiás fraud

00:47 The day before

Atletico GO potential lineup

00:42 The day before

Atletico GO fraud

Midfielder Shaylon, defender Michelle and striker Wanderson were out for Brasileirão against Juventude and should not return today. Fullback Dodo is still in transition and Heiner will be his replacement.

00:37 The day before

Game back

The second match of this match will be played between Atlético-GO and Goiás. July 13In the stadium Haley Panhero (“Serrinha”), under the order of alviverde. Time will be like today’s game.

00:32 The day before

Like a campaign

00:27 The day before

Atletico Campaign

00:22 The day before



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