Betim City Hall will already have an investor praise for Cruzeiro Stadium.

The municipality of Betham will already have initial talks with an investor to activate the multi-purpose field in the municipality. The partner has a date with the city’s mayor, Vittorio Medioli (without a party): the first week of July. With this meeting, the plan to build the stadium can move forward.

The project will have a capacity of about 46,000 spectators, and could reach 50,000, and is estimated to cost R $ 450 million, with 24 months of construction forecast.

This week, Vittorio Medioli met with representatives of SAF do Cruzeiro to propose a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the stadium for the Heavenly Club. There was a positive tone in the meeting, which guaranteed the signing of a letter of intent to observe a reconciliation between the municipality and Raposa within 60 days, which would enable the Betim Multiso Arena to function. The meeting at Betham’s City Hall was a positive one, and Ronaldo’s team set out to review the plan and respond to the municipality.

Gabriel Lima, CEO of Ronaldo Fenômeno’s right-hand man, SAF do Cruzeiro, highlighted that the Arena in Bettim is “definitely” an option for the club, which will now analyze the proposal put forward by the Bettim municipality. ۔

“(We) had an interesting conversation, we are analyzing all our options and it definitely looks like an option. We will analyze it carefully and cautiously. I also appreciate Cruzeiro’s suggestion.” I do, “announced the Heavenly Executive.

Revenue of $ 150 million for Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro has a great opportunity, because in addition to not paying any money to be part of the partnership, it will still receive something close to R $ 150 million, plus between 70% and 80% of all net income Will enjoy In addition to the events organized by the club on site, in addition to the sale of chairs and 100 cabins with different sizes. Cruzeiro will still be able to find the stadium according to his interests.

Details of Betim Multiso Arena

The Multiso Arena will be available to host events of the enterprise manager’s interest, and Cruzeiro will also have the right to see the arena of his choice.

The infrastructure of the multi-purpose field in Betham will have a retractable roof. The approximate area of ​​the earth is 50,000 m² (fifty thousand square meters), with an area of ​​97,261 m² (ninety-nine thousand, two hundred and sixty-one square meters). The municipality of Betham will be responsible for the entire process of licensing the land and works, as well as for carrying out all the road works around the field, which are necessary.

Cruzeiro fans support.

Last Monday (20) live on Twitch, Ronaldo Fenômeno proposed a survey to find out the acceptance of fans about the possibility of their own field in the administration of Betim or Mineirão. With 76% of the vote, Arena du Cruzeiro received the heavenly preference. SAF Celeste’s majority shareholder commented on the result.

“Betim beat Manirao? Wow, what a surprise. Play 3. A lot of good things are going to happen. We have a lot to do, but we can’t tell you everything. We’re working hard.” “I am sure we will choose the best option for the heavenly fan,” said Ronaldo.

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