Between Emotions and Nothing: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Between Emotions and Nothing: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Staying on the roller coaster of constant emotions – such a volatile borderline is characteristic of personality disorder. The term, which in English translation means something like a border or a border line, can be replaced by a border line, which has the same meaning in this context: a fine line between everything and nothing.

According to Rodrigo Martins Letty, a psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry, Hospital Das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, USP, the condition is associated with so-called nervousness, exaggerated behavior and instability in relationships, and in general. But appears late in adolescence. And early youth.

“[Pacientes com borderline] These are people who find it difficult to maintain a strong relationship throughout their lives, face a lot of breakdowns and are at high risk of attempted suicide. Borderline disorder is a pattern that persists over time, does not fluctuate, so there is a clear difficulty in interaction and social interaction, “he says.

According to the MSD Manual, there is also a tendency towards self-destructive movements, which means that patients at the borderline have a 40-fold higher risk of suicide than the general population, with 8% of them. Between 10% die. Suicide


Although the borderline has amazing features, it is not easy to diagnose and can be confused with other disorders, such as bipolar disorder. To make a diagnosis, the patient’s medical and life history from childhood is analyzed.

“We know that the disorder is closely linked to childhood events, experiences of abuse, not only sexual but also emotional, and various neglects, in addition to patterns of difficult relationships with parents. Therefore, in general, the disorder is a more non-existent one. Stable and more difficult emerges from this scenario of childhood. We diagnose through anamnesis. [lembrança] Person, “explains the psychologist.

Despite similar traits, Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder vary over time, as the expert points out.

Borderline disorder is characterized by lifelong chronic instability, especially in a world of despair, while bipolar disorder is marked by stages of mania, hypomenia and depression.

“This extreme sensitivity to frustration is a very important sign of borderline personality. But, in practice, it is not so easy to distinguish, because both conditions can appear simultaneously in the same person, and sometimes through psychological testing. It is difficult to pinpoint whether we are experiencing any stage of bipolar disorder or if it is duplicity.

In addition, Borderline patients may suffer from other ailments, such as depression and anxiety, or even chemical dependence issues.

In some cases, the problem of social interaction can be so severe that it affects the doctor-patient relationship, making it even more difficult to identify the problem.

“Usually, people go through a lot of professionals until they get to the diagnosis. Personality is that which is flawed and often sees its attitudes as natural or understandable, which she endures, but she is not criticized for not understanding the way she reacts and That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “


According to experts, the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder is primarily pharmacological and non-pharmacological. Medications are used to some extent to control emotions or to treat other related disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Nevertheless, psychologists emphasize that psychotherapy is an important component of a person with a borderline. In this case, the treatment is long-term and seeks self-reflection of the patient.

“It’s a difficult psychotherapy, because the individual has to understand the consequences of their actions, to understand how much trouble their behavior creates, which is usually just the way it is.” [dificuldades] Out of person. The core is strong psychotherapy, in which the drugs work in a more satellite way, “says Lett.

It is important to note that the diagnosis should be made by a health professional, as well as treatment.


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