Bia Haddad lost to Kvitova, but guaranteed the best ranking in history Shoes

Beatriz Haddad Maia was defeated by Czech Petra Kvitova in the semi-finals of the WTA 500 by 2 sets 0, 6/7 and 4/6. Despite the finish, Bia still holds the best position in history for a Brazilian woman in the WTA rankings, reaching 27th at the beginning of next week.

The previous record was held by 29th-ranked Sao Paulo, who reached that number in 1976 with Maria Esther Beyonc. .

Haddad Maya played very well, made a few mistakes and put the opponent in the game, but the day was for Koitova. With excellent service and even better returns, Czech knew how to take advantage of opportunities to win balanced competition.

Bia Haddad in a match against Maya Petra Kvitova – Photo: Robert Pranj / Getty Images

Now, Bea is resting until her Wimbledon debut. The main draw of the Grand Slam will start next Monday (27). Brazil started the tournament against Slovenian Caja Jovan. Kvitova remains in the WTA 500 in Eastbourne and awaits the winner of the semi-final between Ostapenko and Georgie, which will take place later this Friday.

The start of the match was very balanced, both tennis players were very strong in return and served the opponents. It was Bea who had the first chance to break out, but Quitova saved herself with three excellent serve.

The next game had a similar script. Quitova got a break point but Bea saved himself with a great serve and then tied the set with two more goals in the tie. Equality was maintained till the end of the set and the stage was taken to tie-break.

With a brilliant comeback, Quitova scored three points on Haddad Maya’s serve and closed the tiebreaker at 7 x 5 and guaranteed victory in the first set after a great serve on the second ball.

Petra took a good moment for the second set, then returned quickly to Bea’s serve, forcing two break points, the Brazilian saved himself, but in the tie they could not close it. Better for the check that moved the second set with the brakes.

In the morning Kvitova was excited for, especially looting. Whenever she was in a difficult situation, the Czechs found solutions with the best services to stay ahead or equal in the match.

The Brazilian remained steadfast in the match, giving his opponent a few chances, but Quitova made very few mistakes in the match. The break was enough for him to win 6/4 and secure his place in the English tournament.

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