Board Epiat Club: The world’s largest NFT group accused of racism.

The Board Epitaph Club (BAYC), NFT’s most popular collection, is being accused of racism by a YouTube user. In the video, which has already garnered over 400,000 views, Philion claims to have photographed the monkeys. They aim to dehumanize certain ethnic groups, such as Jews, Irish, Asians and blacks.

The first argument is related to the BAYC logo. According to Flynn, the image bears a striking resemblance to the symbol of the 3rd SS Totenkopf Division, a unit of the Nazi army.

Comparison between the logo of the Board Epiat Club and the SS Totankov of the Third Division. Source: YouTube / Playback

Going further, it also reveals other details in the logo, such as the number of teeth on the skull. According to the journalist, the number 18 would be a one-letter code for Adolf Hitler, representing his beginnings, where 1 represents the letter A and the number 8 represents the letter H.

Still on racism, it is also noted that many NFTs listed for sale include the 14 or 88 numbers that are inserted at the end of them. This second heel is a code for Hitler, a Nazi salute.

BAYC's NFTS trades are numerically exemplary, says Philion.  Source: YouTube / Reproduction.
BAYC’s NFTS trades are numerically exemplary, says Philion. Source: YouTube / Reproduction.

YouTube says the board promotes app yacht club simulation.

The main warning was that the monkeys themselves were triggered by NFTs. According to the video, its creators could have chosen another animal, however, they chose an animal that has a racist connotation.

“The reason people come to this conclusion (that BAYC NFTs are racist) is because of something called seminalization. It means comparing racial groups to monkeys.

Another highlight is the monkey costume. One of them, number # 6969, is wearing a Persian helmet, a reference to the German Empire, as well as a prison jump suit.

Board Epiat Club # 6969. Source: YouTube / Play

NFTs with a Japanese headband (hachimaki) on their head are called kamikaz. According to Flynn, this would refer to imperial Japan, which was an ally of Germany during both world wars.

BAYC using headband with comic text. Source: YouTube / Play

Following are the safari helmets used by the British Empire during the colonies of African countries. In addition to these, it is possible to find other clothes along with Oshinka attached to the USSR.

BAYC NFT apparel. Source: YouTube / Reproduction.

Finally, youtuber also pointed out that the shape of a banana in a board applet club game is similar to a swastika.

According to Youtuber, the bananas in the BAYC game look like swastikas. Source: YouTube / Reproduction.

Who designed the board epitaph club NFTs?

Pointing out that the designers of the board app yacht club NFTs will be responsible, YouTube noted that there are six artists in the team. However, he says it was an artist named Seneca who first created the sketches.

Even so, after confronting the drawing, Seneca was unable to recognize some NFTs, such as # 6969, saying it was “unofficial”, although it is.

The company behind Yoga Labs, BAYC

Following his allegations, YouTuber Philion also raised other questions about the company behind the board epic club NFTs, Yuga Labs.

According to the company, the name Yoga refers to a villain of Game Zelda. However, Flavin explains that the name refers to the Hindu term Kali Yoga, a time of controversy, which was later used by Alt-Right.

The phrase was first mentioned in Internet culture on September 11, 2014 by an anonymous 4chan user. “ Points Philion. In response to people worried about Gamergate, where an anonymous user commented, “I know it’s dark sometimes, but you have to learn to enjoy it. Accept being a bad guy. In Kali Yoga Surfing. “

Attacks on Yoga Labs and BAYC Developers

Another point highlighted by youtuber is the names of the founders and developers of Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Yacht Club. According to him, the meaning of their names is hidden.

The first, Emperor TomatoKetchup, will cite a 1971 Japanese film of the same name, which banned child pornography in many countries. More specifically, it reveals that a boy in a fascist uniform sexually exploits an adult woman.

Gordon Gunner, on the other hand, would be an Ingram for Daringo Negro, which could be translated into Negro Estopedo, pointed to YouTube. Saas, meanwhile, will cite another BAYC developer, two Nazi armies, SA (Sturmabteilung) and SS (Schutzstaffel).

Finally, Flavin cites several other reasons that led him to believe that board app yacht club NFTs were racist, stating that their developers could be neo-Nazis or trolls. The full video, with all charges, is available below.

Youtuber recommends burning BAYC NFTs.

Noting that not all owners of the board app yacht club NFT are racist, Philion claims that many people are being misled by the project’s developers. As an example, he points out that many celebrities are receiving free BAYCs, which are being used as a marketing tool.

It is recommended that owners of such NFTs burn their BAYCs, ie send them to an address that does not belong to anyone.

However, this can lead to even greater problems. Eventually, anti-racism people will get rid of their BAYCs, and if your theory is correct, the collection will quickly fall into the hands of racists. In addition, the reduction in supply will increase their value, which is now in the hands of this other group.

Therefore, even if some of its allegations are well-founded, and others not so much, the proposed solution is far from ideal. However, Flynn spoke on a controversial topic and the board could lead to a wider debate about the real purpose of the NFTs of the Epich Yach Club.

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