Brazil dominates, falls into Poland and gets complicated in the league. Volleyball

It was necessary to respond. On the other hand, however, the biggest rival in recent years. At the start of the second week of the League of Nations, Brazil fell again. In front of Poland, he outlined a change of attitude, but he only promised. Rivals in Sofia, Bulgaria have no place to breathe. In 1 of 3 sets, in partial 25/16, 22/25, 25/16 and 25/22, the Polish team defeated Brazil without any difficulty.

Best Moments: Brazil 1 x 3 Poland, Men’s Volleyball Nations League

This is Brazil’s third consecutive defeat in the League of Nations. Earlier, it had fallen in the Brasilia phase, in the United States and China. The result is complex – and much more – competitive selection. Autumn pushes the selection to ninth place outside the ranking zone. Only eight top advances in the final in Bologna, Italy.

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Brazil Poland League of Nations – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Brazil returned to court this Thursday. The election will take place at 10:30 a.m. in the rankings battle against direct rival Serbia. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and ge Tracks everything in real time.

Brazil was in trouble from the start. Poland wreaked havoc on Brazil with a very strong serve. The selection of Renan Dalzoto also outlined the reaction in the second set. In the fourth, they managed to make a big difference in the score, but got in the way.

Service was really the big difference in the game. In addition to the countless broken passes during the match, there were 13 aces for Poland. Brazil, on the other hand, scored just one goal with Lille in the final set.

Allen, with 19 points, was the top scorer of the match and the one who escaped even more. Mike, who started out as a starter, had something special. However, in the final set, Renan changed and sent Thales to court. Lille, recovering from an injury, also started as a starter, but especially in the beginning he had problems with rhythm. Locarili also made his debut, but he was the second to miss the game.

Semeniuk and Kurek, on the other hand, were big names, with 18 and 17 points, respectively. Bieniek also wreaked havoc in the match with a seven-point serve.

First set – Poland wreaked havoc on Cerro

A skewed punch from Kurek started the duel. Poland, full of hunger, soon grew. No ace from Bieniek, 4/0 on the bill. Lille, finally in court after the injury, filled his arm, but stopped at the Polish wall attached to the net. Without any reaction at first, Renن del Zuto soon stopped the game. With 7/2 on the scoreboard, Brazil managed to score in the attack with just one hit from Allen. But then the path was the hardest.

Brazil Poland League of Nations – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Brazil, slowly, managed to fit its game better. He even managed to stop Corey in the block, reducing the score difference to 16/12. But the lack of inspiration was obvious. In a cut, Lille sent the ball straight to the other side, while Allen attacked the opposing court in an attempt to save. Nothing seemed particularly good in the face of Polish plunder. The difference at that time was huge for any reaction. Damage had already occurred: 25/16.

Second set – Allen imposes himself, and Brazil reacts.

Brazil replaced Rodriguez in court with Lucarili. But it was Bieniek who started scoring in the second set. However, the situation was different. Alan, the key player of choice at the time with Mike, was full of weapons to open 4/2. In contrast, what had already stood in the middle of the first phase of the fall remained as an escape valve for Brazil. Renan Dalzoto’s team improved and on the other hand started counting the mistakes. Kurek’s one out attack, 11/7 on the scoreboard. Lille, barely so far, filled his arm to score 12/7 before the technical stop.

Poland tried to react. He returned to pressurize the service and create problems for the Brazilian reception. But Locarili, even out of rhythm, managed to add more volume to the Brazilian game. After another attack by Allen, 20/16 in the account for selection. The coach of the Polish team then stopped the game and tried to take his last breath to return. Bieniek’s shot on the serve reduced the gap to just one point (20/19). It was Renan’s turn to stop the game. The election remained steadfast until it closed with an attack on Allen’s exit: 25/22.

Brazil Poland League of Nations – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Third set – Poland shot again and resumed on the front lines.

Brazil even tried to keep pace with the return to the court. But Poland returned to the same position as in the first set. With an offensive serve, the opponents accelerated. That’s how they started 8/4 on the scoreboard. Brazil managed to move forward. In one Semeniuk ball, the difference fell to two points (9/7). But it didn’t take long for the European team to reopen. Before the timeout, after Lille’s attack, 12/7 there.

Renan has changed. Cachopa, Adriano, Isac. Everyone went to court trying to get out of the house. But that was not the case. Poland stepped up and pushed the scoreboard forward. Without any reaction, Brazil practically saw the passage of time till the end of the set. Taking advantage of Brazil’s blockade, Kochanovsky finished the third set 25/16 and regained the lead in the game.

Fourth set – Brazil lost to Poland.

Renan replaces Maique with Thales, the highlight of the game so far. The change did not work. Lucão also opened the scoring in the fourth set, accelerating the attack. Brazil tried to repeat the second half to force the reaction. But Poland remained steadfast. With two shots on the serve, Bieniek started 5/1. In Semeniuk’s attack, the score was 6/1, and Renan stopped the game. That was just the beginning. Without forcing, Poland easily scored 12/3.

Nothing affected Brazil. With Rodriguez and Kachopa on the court, the election continued under pressure. Poland exploded and reached 18/9 on the scoreboard. The election attempted one last reaction. With the service on Lille, that gap only managed to fall by three points (18/15). The game was over. But there was no time for such a powerful reaction. Poland took advantage of what it has done so far to win 25/22.

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