Brazil vs Poland LIVE (1-1) | 06/22/2022

12:08 7 minutes ago

Poland opened!

Maique struggles and goes behind the court to save, but Poland still gets the point. 9-5 on Brazil.

12:06 9 minutes ago

Third set:

Poland got off to a good start: 6-4 over Brazil, but the match was balanced.

11:57 18 minutes ago

Set for Brazil!

Now yes! Allen scored and Brazil won the second set 25-22.

11:57 18 minutes ago

The referee requested a challenge!

Brazil scored but the ball was inside Poland. Polish Point: 24-22.

11:56 20 minutes ago

Set point!

Brazil 24-21. Return with Flávio to try to close.

11:54 21 minutes ago

Not touched!

Poland lost the challenge and Brazil is 23-20 on the scoreboard!

11:54 21 minutes ago

Brazil in front!

Kurek misses the counterattack, but Poland touches the block and asks for a challenge. Brazil 23-20 on the scoreboard, but it could turn 22-21.

11:51 24 minutes ago

Let it arrive!

Brazil started 20-16, but let Poland 20-19. Dal Zoto demands time. If Brazil is to win this seat, it must wake up.

11:45 30 minutes ago

Alan on them!

Brazil 17×14 on Poland. You can get another set for us!

11:40 36 minutes ago

Brazil among them!

Brazil gets a blocking point and now a good advantage opens: 13-8.

11:34 41 minutes ago

Rally controversial!

Brazil takes the point, but the police ask for a challenge.

11:29 an hour ago

Wake up Brazil!

The second set is off to a good start for Brazil, who play Poland 4×2 in return.

11:22 An hour ago

End of the first set!

Poland 25×16 over Brazil. Run in the set and 1×0.

11:22 An hour ago

Twist sent!

Lille attacks very badly and sends the ball into the crowd. Set points for Poland.

11:21 An hour ago

Can it still?

Poland 22x Brazil 16. There are three left for the Europeans to finish the set, but Brazil is looking for a match again.

11:16 an hour ago

Poland took the lead:

First set: Brazil 12-17 Poland.

11:11 an hour ago

Get up Brazil?

Two consecutive points for Brazil. Blocking works, but the score is still a long way off. 13-8 for Poland.

11:08 An hour ago

First set:

11:07 One hour ago


Poland demands a challenge at a potential turning point in Brazil. 9-4 for now. The judge does not accept the challenge, to touch the defense, because he does not have it.

11:04 an hour ago


Every day a different 7×1 … Poland is six ahead of Brazil.

11:03 An hour ago

First point in Brazil!

Poland service breakdown after timeout. Brazil wants response: 5-1

11:02 An hour ago

Great start …

The Brazilian team did not just land on the field. Renan seeks time with Poland ahead 5-0.

11:00 an hour ago

The first point!

Poland won the first point of the game. Brazil 0x1 Poland.

11:00 an hour ago

Hair up!

Brazil vs Poland match begins.

10:59 An hour ago

On the court!

Players are just being introduced. Brazil starts with Bruninho, Alan Souza, Uwandi Lille and Rodrigueenho, Lucio and Flavio and Mike Race.

10:55 An hour ago

5 minutes!

For the Men’s Volleyball Nations League, it is not long before the ball goes to Brazil and Poland. Don’t get out of there!

10:45 2 hours ago


Brazil and Poland have already met 63 times in major global competitions. On Wednesday, South Americans will be looking for their 43rd victory, while Europeans will be looking for their 22nd victory. They have met twice in each of the last three editions of VNL, Poland won both meetings in 2019 and Brazil dominated in 2018 and 2021.

10:37 2 hours ago

Poland in the first stage:

In the first week of the action, Poland defeated Argentina, Bulgaria and France, and lost to Italy in Ottawa, finishing fourth with a winning record and nine points.

10:27 2 hours ago

Last Brazil x Poland:

10:21 2 hours ago

Speck, Renنn – Brazil Technician:

“They are four very strong opponents. Poland is a very competitive team, regardless of the formation on the court. It is one of the title contenders for any competition. It will be a very balanced match to decide. Serbia is renewing itself, but it has its veterans, whom we know well. These are the players who play in the world’s major competitions, are competitive and experienced. Iran is undergoing reforms, but it does not lose its ability to play with speed, to defend well, and to have the ability to always have problems. “Play at home and the crowd will be in your favor at a gym that is definitely full. We have to think of one game at a time. Every win counts.”

10:16 2 hours ago

Brazil’s campaign in the League of Nations

First week – Brasilia
08/06 – 21h – Brazil 3 x 0 Australia – 25/14, 25/18 and 25/21.
09/06 – 21h – Brazil 3 x 1 Slovenia – 25/21, 21/25, 25/20 and 25/16
11/06 – 15h – Brazil 1 x 3 United States – 21/25, 27/25, 25/20 and 25/20.
06/12 – 10h – Brazil 0 x 3 China – 23/25, 29/31 and 23/25

10:11 2 hours ago

Where and how to watch Brazil vs Poland match on TV in real time?

10:06 2 hours ago

When is the match between Brazil vs Poland and how to watch it live and in real time?

The match between Brazil and Poland is being played in Sofia, Bulgaria (Brazil time) starting at 11 am. The match between Brazil and Poland will be broadcast on Sport TV 2, per view. You can find everything here. VALUE Brazil.

10:01 2 hours ago

Brazil called:

Coach Renan selected the lifters for the second round of the League of Nations. Brunino and Fernando Cachopa; Opposite Alan and Darlan; Central Isaac, Lusau, Flavio and Landro Aracajo; Hints Locarili, Rodriguez, Lille and Adriano; And free Thales and Mike.

09: 562 hours ago

Speck, Brunen:

09:51 2 hours ago

Current Champion X Vice:

09: 462 hours ago

League of Nations – Second Week

09: 413 hours ago

Step 3:

The Brazilians will close the first round in Osaka, Japan, starting on July 6 against Germany, Canada, France and the hosts (Japan, the current leader in the general rankings).

09: 363 hours ago

Step Two:

09:31 3 hours ago

Time and place

The match between Brazil and Poland is valid for the Men’s Volleyball Nation League. It marks the meeting of two teams at the same time in the match table. Brazil are looking for a third victory in five matches to top the group as they are only eighth in the Nations League behind Japan, France, the United States, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. Poland, on the other hand, wants to overtake France in second place. Poland won three of their four matches and added nine points. Unlike the women’s style, the men’s Brazilian team does not come out as a favorite, even for playing away from home and not making such a good start to the championship. The ball goes up at 11 a.m. (GMT) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

09: 263 hours ago

Welcome to the Brazil vs Poland game


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