Bruno Mendes conducts his first training session on his return to Corinthians: ‘It’s good to be back’

Uruguayan Bruno Mendes re-performed today (23) at CT Joachim Grava and International was reinstated to the Corinthians squad after the loan was paid off. The defender has not yet made his name in the CBF’s BID (Daily Newsletter), but he should be listed for Saturday’s (25) game against Santos at the Neo Química Arena, if his documents show this year. Be released by the beginning of Last night

The defender took part in training with the ball with the reserve. This is because the athletes who started yesterday’s classic for the Round of 16 of the Copa Do Brazil won 4-0, stayed inside the training center and did not even put on their shoes.

On the field, coach Waiter Pereira ordered the activity of the clash on the small field and then separated the group from the positions in the squad. The offensive system players acted aggressively, while the defenders got the right positioning in the game simulation.

Corinthians no longer publish information about their players’ medical records during training days, just one hour before their matches start. Therefore, defender João Victor’s condition – replaced by pain in his right ankle in the second half yesterday – has not been updated.

The squad will return to training tomorrow afternoon with the ball. On Saturday, at 19:00 (Brazil time), Timo will face Santos again, just for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship. The classic takes place at the Neo Química Arena.

Mendes thanks Inter and Timo plans to return.

After performing at CT Joaquim Grava, Méndez gave an interview to the official Corinthians channel and talked about contacting Vítor Pereira and his return to the Park São Jorge Club, with whom he will have until 31 December 2023. There is an agreement.

“The new teachers, the teachers who come from outside. Nice to meet them. I talked to them a little bit, about their qualities in the field, to get involved with them and my peers as soon as possible. I already know most of them. Meet some. I’m training to meet everyone, “the Uruguayan replied.

At Inter, Bruno played 48 matches – 44 of them as a starter – and established himself in Brazilian football. Colorado expressed a desire to buy it from Timão, but there was no financial agreement between the two directors, a fact that determines his return to Sao Paulo. The Uruguayan made a point of thanking his former club, but made it clear that the focus now was on Corinthians.

“It was good, it was great. I didn’t have many games in the back, I went out to gain experience and play. I’m very grateful to Inter for giving me a chance there (in the south). A club that opened its doors to me, but it’s nice to be back.

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