Can Bricklayer’s Glove contract be revoked? Understand the case and the legal implications – Germaro Ribeiro

The effects of the case involving Iran Ferreira, also known as Lova de Pedrero, and Businessman Alan Jesus Why lead the discussion Trend He has been living in a simple house in the interior of Bahia for 20 years and has only R 7,500 in his bank account. General Contract R $ 1 million off with Amazon Prime Video, just to give an example, many people asked where Money Of the young.

One of the speculators has pointed out the cause of the problems. Leo Dias Is Luواa de Pedro dissatisfied with the agreement reached between him and Alan Jesus’ ASJ Consultoria? In case of dismissal alone, the affected person will have to pay around 5.2 million BRL. And, even with 16.9 million followers on Instagram and 14.3 million on TuckTalk, “Lova” has no value at all.

Purpose Goodwill

One of the assumptions is that the influential person signed the agreement without understanding the disadvantages of the agreement due to inexperience in such a relationship. However, there is a way to resolve the legal dilemma in such cases, as such an agreement can be. Banned.

The Civil Code establishes that the parties to a contract must uphold the principles of honesty and good faith, both at the time of the conclusion of the agreement and its execution (Art. 422).

“Anyone and every agreement must be conducted with objective goodwill. The parties must be in good faith, each with its own responsibilities and concerns, without the interest of harming,” said Lawyer and Dr. Joao in Commercial Law. Raphael emphasizes Furtado.

Imbalance in the agreement

According to him, “When it comes to treaty relations, they can be. Symmetrical and disproportionate“Agreement harmonization means that the parties have the same conditions of information, knowledge and ability to verify potential threats to business.

In imbalances, this does not happen. “These are where one part is stronger than the other.” Assumptions about the Lova de Pedrera case illustrate the disproportionate situation.

If it turns out that the businessman made an disproportionate deal with the influencer, who did not have the necessary knowledge to know what was being agreed upon, it could be a feature. Unfair termsWhich can be judicially reviewed, as explained by João Rafael Furtado.

The lawyer believes that the lawsuit is based on speculation that “everything is abusive, because it is disproportionate.” “By analyzing the agreement, in a particular case, it may be that by requesting a review in court, you can reverse the situation.”

Moral and material losses

Judgments on similar grounds reinforce the fact that the parties to the agreement are entitled to compensation for damages resulting from failure to comply with the principle of good faith. In these cases, an action for termination of the clause or agreement for breach of the principle of good faith, demand compensation Disadvantages and disadvantagesAnd, if applicable, the penalty for moral or material harm.


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