Can Lakers already have finalists for coaching positions?

Can Lakers already have finalists for coaching positions?


With the search for a new head coach, the Lakers hope to be named by the next NBA Draft Day, which is June 23.

According to The Athletic, two candidates are more likely to get the job: Terry Stouts and boxing assistant Darwin Hamm:

The Lakers have been linked with more than a dozen candidates for the head coaching job, but none of them have emerged as clear favorites yet. Ham and Terry Stout are probably the closest to the current favorites.

The Lakers’ vice president for basketball operations and general manager, Rob Pelinka, made it clear that the team would take its time in deep search for a more serious name. This suggests an experienced coach, but many of the first-year candidates he has been associated with are former players who are known for their respect.

With the exception of Nick Nurse, Queen Snyder or any other elite coach available, the Lakers seem to be considering a rogue coach. “

After finishing 11th in the West this season, the Lakers face a busy off-season ahead.

LeBron James needs time to prepare, Anthony Davis needs to be healthy and Rob Pelinka needs to do his best to improve the team.

Does the board choose a reputable veteran who will shake things up? Or hire an inexperienced assistant who can apply the brand new culture in the locker room?

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see who they choose and whether it works in their favor in court.

Frank Vogel has the opportunity to work with a new team.

Former Lakers coach Frank Vogel is among the “interviewed candidates” for the Hornets’ head coach position, according to Jack Fisher of the Bleacher Report.

As Fisher noted, Hornts representatives have traveled to meet with various coaching candidates in person, rather than some teams doing. Fisher added that the team is wrapping up the first round of its quest.

Mike D. Anthony, Kenny Atkinson, Darwin Hamm, Sean Sweeney, Charles Lee and David Winterpool are among the other candidates reportedly interviewed by Charlotte’s team.

Vanderbilt coach Jerry Steakhouse and jazz coach Queen Snyder have also been cited as possible targets for the Hornets, although there is no indication at the moment that any of them are ready to quit their current jobs.

Vogel has 820 regular season games as head coach, plus 88 more playoff games. He became the head coach of Indiana during the 2010-11 season, joined Magic in 2016, and was later signed by the Lakers in 2019. He has a combined season record of 431-389 with all three teams.

Although Vogel led the Lakers to the championship in 2020, it continued with only two more seasons with the franchise, which was sacked last month.

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