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The Canvas Bulls made a great debut in the field of maritime.

The Canvas Bulls will face the defending national football league champions on the afternoon of July 10. After debuting with an 18-13 victory over the Porto Alegre Pumpkins, the team’s match is scheduled against the mighty Santa Maria Soldiers, one of the competition’s favorites. However, it is not yet known where the match will take place.

The lack of a definition of a place for the game, which, in terms of table, should be played in Canoas, is a problem. That’s because the Bills’ first match for the Brazilian American Football League (Liga BFA) cost more. Canoe bulls rented facilities in Maritimeo and registered a large audience. Now they need more help to get back to camp, and preferably on rent.

According to team president and defender Winston Ponce, the business community needs to be aware of the important step that Canvas has taken in the game. Debuting against the Pumpkins was reported nationwide, but the cost of playing American football is high.

“Playing a competition of this size is a necessary structure, but we never thought the costs would be so high,” he insists. “We managed to cover the expenses of the first match, but the concern is big enough that we can play the next match, which is one of the most difficult matches of the year.”

Winston points out that if the team does not provide the necessary conditions for the opponent to play, the penalty for the Canadian team can be severe. This is because the rules of the Brazilian American Football League have very strict requirements for controversy. Everything is reflected in the quality standard seen on TV in American matches.

“We can’t schedule matches anywhere,” he warned. “It’s not possible to play a game without a locker room, I usually cite as an example. We need the help of our business community more than ever to play a great match. Playing well and winning is not enough. “Fighting”.

Guaranteed assistance

The Canvas Bulls compete in the National League with sponsorship, but more is needed. This is because the team’s financial support was used to strengthen the group of players facing national competition.

A good example is the Mexican Julio Villarreal. The newly recruited, canvas player was selected as the best player of the round in the first game of the Bulls. Villarreal scored the game’s first touchdown goal in the first quarter.

“Our sponsorship helped strengthen Villarreal. He came straight from the first league in Mexico. We got a place and a board thanks to the partnership, but we need new sponsorship to keep the game going.”

Training at Eduardo Gomes Park

Anyone who observes the uniform of the canvas bills can see the sign of the municipality on the canvas. It’s just that since the arrival of oxen in the city, the municipal administration has been a partner of oxen. That’s why training takes place every Sunday at Park Eduardo Gomez. And the idea is that the partnership continues, according to Assistant Secretary of Sports Jersen Kanha. “We are partners and we will continue to support, because

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