Cartola 2022: Philip Lewis and Georginho miss Round # 6;  Suspended, injured and see prospect |  Topper

Cartola 2022: Philip Lewis and Georginho miss Round # 6; Suspended, injured and see prospect | Topper

It’s time for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship, Logo. Ten games are valid for the game and will be played this weekend between Saturday and Sunday. Gather your team. You have until 16:00 (Brasilia time) until this week (05/14). To improve your selection, it is important to keep track of the important information in each club. Here you can find suspended, injured and potential lineups.

With a bad start in Brasileirão, Ceará and Flamengo face off in Castelão in search of recovery. However, both clubs have major problems in their lineup. Rodrigo Lindoso’s suspension in Vozão and Richard Coelho’s injury have to fill the gap in midfield. On the red-black side, left flap Lewis is the latest member of the injured list. Still, without winning the match, Atlético-GO will not have midfielder Jorginho on the Atlético-MG tour.

Georginho remembers the dragon against the rooster – Photo: Bruno Corsino / ACG

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The suspended, injured and potential teams from Round # 6 are:

Suspended: Felipe Azevedo
Injured: Alê, Berrío, Eduardo, Everaldo, Jori, Paulinho Boia and Wellington Paulista
Possible lineup: Gelson; Patrick, Igo Maidana, Conte (Eder) and Marilyn; Lucas Call, Jeninho Vellora and Indio Ramirez; Pedrinho, Matthewsinho (Gustavinho) and Henrique Almeida

Suspended: None.
Injured: Julimar, Cowan, Marcelo Sereno, Reynolds and Thiago Helino
Potential team: Bento Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Matheus Felipe and Abner; Hugo Mora, Eric and Mathis Fernandes; Canobbio, Vitinho and Pablo.

Marcelo Sereno is out of combat and will not face Fluminense – Photo: Gustavo Oliveira / Athletico

Go athletic
Suspended: Georginho
Injured: Dodo
Possible team: Heiner, Edson, Rayman Menezes and Jefferson; Marilyn Fritas, Gabriel Baralhas and Wellington Ruto; Shalon, Chorin and Luis Fernando (Leo Pereira).

Suspended: None.
Injured: Dodo and Vargas
Potential team: Everson; Goga, Nathan Silva, Jr. Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allen, Jr., Zaracho and Nacho; Hulk and canoe

Suspended: None.
Injured: None.
Potential team: Douglas Friedrich; Kevin, Breson, Arthur and Cortez; Ranil, Eduardo and Bruno Silva; Murato, Moriki and Basuli

Suspended: None.
Injured: Carlinhos, Philippe Sampaio and Raphael
Potential team: Gatito Fernández (Douglas Borges); Saravia, Kano (Carly), Questa and Daniel Borges (Hugo); Oyama, Tchê Tchê and Lucas Fernandes (Chay); Victor Sa, Diego Goncalves and Erison

Suspended: Jadsam and Ramon
Injured: Gabriel Nawas, Haider, McCleton and Peroxides
Potential team: Clayton; Aderlan (Andrés Hurtado), Kevin, Nathan and Guilherme Raul, Eric Ramirez and Miguel; Bruno Tobarao Smile and John Hertado

Suspended: Rodrigo Lindoso
Injured: Fernando Sobral, Jail, Leo Raphael and Richard Coelho
Potential team: João Ricardo Michelle, Messias, Gabriel Lessarda, Bruno Pachiko; Lucas Ribeiro, Giovanni, Vienna; Cleber, Lima (Eric), Mendoza

Suspended: None.
Injured: Fagner, Joao Pedro, Luan, Palinho and Roan Oliveira
Potential team: Cássio (Ivan), Rafael Ramos, Gil, Raul Gustavo and Lucas Piton; Du Queiroz, Maycon and Giuliano Roger Goods, Mantuan and Jr. Morris (Jô).

Suspended: None.
Injured: Nathaniel, Tony Anderson
Probable team: Alex Marala, Mathis Alexander (Warley), Henrik, Luciano Caston and Guilherm Barrow (AGDO); Andre, Willian Farias, Regis (Rubinho); Léo Gamalho, Alef Manga and Igor Paixão (Fabrício Daniel)

Suspended: None.
Injured: None.
Potential team: Walter; João Lucas, Marllon, Alan Empereur and Uendel; Marcao, Pepe and Valdivia; Elson, Everton and Andre Felipe (Elton).

Suspended: None.
Injured: Diego Elvis, Fabrizio Bruno, Philippe Luis, Gustavo Henrique, Mathis Franca and Santos
Potential team: Hugo, Pablo, David Luiz and Erton Lucas (Leo Pereira); Matheuzinho (Isla), Willian Arão, João Gomes and Bruno Henrique Arrascaeta and Everton Ribeiro Gabriel

Philippe Louis suffered a calf muscle injury against Botafogo – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamingo

Suspended: None.
Injured: Philip Mello, Gansu, John F. Kennedy and Luan Fritas
Potential team: Fábio, Calegari, Nino, David Braz and Pineida; Wellington, Andre, Yago Philip and Nathan; Louis Henrique and Canoe

Suspended: None.
Injured: Max Welf
Potential team: Marcelo Buick Tanga, Marcelo Beninotto, TT; Yago Pikachu, Felipe, Hercules, Lucas Lima, Lucas Crispim Moses and Silvio Romero.

Suspended: Danilo Barcellos and Henrique Lardello
Injured: Caio Vinícius, Hugo, Luiz Felipe
Potential team: Thaddeus Sidimar, Reynaldo and Caetano; Apodi, Diego, Felipe Bastos, Elvis and Juan Pablo; Grandfather Belmonte and Pedro Raoul.

Suspended: None.
Injured: Bushelia, Bruno Gomez, Kayek, Tyson and Tiago Barbosa
Potential team: Daniel Busts, Market, Vitão and Renê; Dorado, Adenlson, De Pina and Alan Patrick; Wanderson and David

Suspended: None.
Injured: Capixaba, Edinho, Marlon and Moraes
Potential team: Caesar Rodrigo Soares (Paulo Henrique), Vitor Mendes, Rafael Forster and William Matheus Yuri, Jadson and Chico (Oscar Ruiz); Paulinho Moklin, Guilherme Prade and Acidro Patta (Veteran Gabriel)

Palm trees
Suspended: None.
Injured: Gelson and Packers
Potential team: Wurton; Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Morello and Jorge; Danilo, Zee Raphael and Raphael Vega; Gustavo Scarpa, Dudu and Rony.

Piquerez joins injured Palmeiras and gives way to George – Photo: Caesar Greco / Ag Palm Tree

Suspended: None.
Injured: Carlos Sanchez and Kevin Malthus
Potential team: Joao Paulo Madison, Macon (Velascos), Eduardo Bauerman and Lucas Pierce; Rodrigo Fernández, Ricardo Goulart (Lukas Braga) and Vinícius Zanocelo Marcos Leonardo, Juan Julio and Leo Baptisto.

Sao Paulo
Suspended: Diego
Injured: Gabriel Sarah
Potential teams: Jandri, Rafinha, Arboleda, Leo and Wellington; Pablo Maya, Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomez and Allison; Eder and Calorie.

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