Cartola 2022: Vinícius Lopes is the top scorer in Round # 13, and the Betfair team is based in Rio-SP. Round selection

There are some names among the loved ones in the Batfair selection from Round # 13, but there are many surprises. One of the top scorers is: Veniceus loopsFrom Botafogo, who made One round and six tackles Epic’s 3-2 victory over Internacional, and was left with. 17.20 Spots

+ Round # 14 will have nine correct games; The market closes on Saturday at 4 p.m.

Batfair selection of Round # 13 – Photo: InfoPort

The ideal team, which was 4-3-3 and scored 149.55 points, was based on players from clubs in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Fluminense has two representatives: Samuel Xavier (15.90) And Fernando Deniz (7.95). From the Sao Paulo teams, entered. Fabio Santos (16.60)From the Corinthians; Patrick (10.50)From Sao Paulo; Gustavo Scarpa (13.10), From Palmeiras And Leo Baptistão (15.00)From Santos.

The other members of Betfair Selection No. 13 are:

  • Marcelo Buick (Fortress goalkeeper): 10.00
  • جواکیم (Cuiabá Defender): 9.70
  • Pedro Henrique (Athletico-PR Defender): 10.10
  • Yago pakachu (Fortress Midfielder): 10.90
  • Ayrton (Atletico-GO Striker): 12.60

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Vanessa Loops shines with 17.20.

Vinícius Lopes scores for Botafogo and is featured in Cartola’s Round # 13.

Score 17.20 Against Inter Veniceus loopsCartola was Botafogo’s second-highest scorer in 2002, second only to Arieson’s 23.10 in Round # 2. In the history of Vinícius, the best mark was removed. Earlier, he did the most work in Round # 9, when he was down at 4.80.

Vinicius Lopes (Botafogo)

Scouts Spots
1 round 8.00
6 Disarming 7.20
3 absenteeism encountered 1.50
Submit 1 0.80
1 obstacle -0.10
2 incomplete passes -0.20
TOTAL 17.20

Best Team of the Round: Fluminense, with 95.45

Diniz Fluminense x Avaí Before the launch – Photo: Andre Durau

O Flumens Was the best team in Round # 13. 95.45 The score was scored in a 2-0 victory over Avaí. The highlights of Fluzão were:

  • [LAT] Samuel Xavier: 15.90
  • [ZAG] Manual: 9.20
  • [GOL] Fabio: 9.00
  • [ATA] Louise Henrique: 8.50
  • [ATA] Barrel: 8.30

Sao Paulo vs. Palmyra – Photo: Marcos Reboli.

Where’s the news? To say that Gustavo Scarpa helped is tantamount to raining on the wet. There were two against Sao Paulo, seven in all, the clear leader of this scout;

Bombing … Samuel Xavier hit the post three times in Flu’s 2-0 victory over Eva. With this bombing, he has already touched Dudu, who has three, leading submissions to the post.

Turned yellow … With the yellow card in the 3-1 victory over Juventude, the Baralhas reached six and are tied for the lead with Rodrigo Lindoso of Ceará.

The most … And speaking of Dragon’s victory, goalkeeper Caesar, from Juventude, with more than three goals, is the goalkeeper who has seen his net swing the most: 22 times in total;

Who hits the most? The foul scout controversy is burning. With a 2-2 draw with Bragentino, Rodrigo Fernandez of Santos reached 29 and outscored Corinthians’ Du Quiros, who have 28.

7 minutes into the first half - Philip Sampaio du Botafogo's live red card against the International

7 minutes into the first half – Philip Sampaio du Botafogo’s live red card against the International

If Vinícius Lopes made Botafogo the second highest score in the current edition of the fantasy game, Philip Sampaio Went to the other extreme and scored the worst Glorioso. After receiving a fine and a red card, he left the field. -4.00 Overall, this was the fourth worst score of 2022 on account.

Philipp Sampaio (Botafogo)

Scouts Spots
1 red card -3.00
1 was fined. -1.00
TOTAL -4.00

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