CBF says Belem loses national team game due to “fight” in FPF

The Para Football Federation (FPF) has not yet announced when the presidential election will be held. The election process has been postponed since December 28, 2021. So far, four dates have been set for the elections, but they have not taken place. As a result, football in Para suffered another blow, including the arrival of the Brazilian team for the reopening of the Mangueirão Stadium.

Following the announcement by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) of the location of the South American classic between Brazil and Argentina for the World Cup qualifiers, In a note, the entity confirmed the reasons why the company chose the Itaquerão Arena in Sao Paulo, and not – which should be officially confirmed on the entity’s website this Wednesday (22). Of “Colosso do Benguí” in Belém.

According to a document sent to Mercury State Governor Helder Barbalho, the main issue for the July 14 inspection will be at the Mercury People’s Sports Square. National football was a stumbling block to the Para Football Federation (FPF) elections, which Graciete Maués continues to command on an interim basis.

The reason for the cancellation is the fact that the Mercury Football Federation (FPF), the body responsible for regional administration in the state of Mercury, is not regular with the CBF, as elections have not yet taken place. And the period set forth in the FPF rules to fill the positions of members of the Financial Council “, details of the document signed by CBF President Adnaldo Rodriguez.

It is noteworthy that the election is scheduled to take place on June 29, although Mercury’s body contradicts the Court of Justice’s (TJ-PA) ruling, in which he demanded the participation of 127 early voters of the Electoral College. What was , Which includes professional clubs. However, 79 bodies were convened in the General Assembly.

Therefore, according to a statement sent by the President of the Brazilian Football Confederation to Governor Helder Barbalho, while there is no definition of the next president (whose election has been made controversial by the candidates Ricardo Guillaume and Paolo Romano), Who will remain in this position. By the end of 2025, the position of the Para Football Federation in front of the national body will remain erratic.

“Therefore, as the posts of director of the FPF have not yet been formally convened and filled by the elections to be held, the local body is not in good standing with the CBF, which, under our regulations, makes the inspection unworkable.” In which the effective participation of the formally constituted members of the local federation should be relied upon, ”he said.

Searched by DOLSo far, Grace Mouse, the interim president of the Mercury Football Federation (FPF), has not commented on the questions.

Check the documentation thoroughly.

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