CBFA Challenges in Brazilian Football

CBFA Challenges in Brazilian Football

Credit: Disclosure / CBFA

The Brazilian Confederation of American Football (CBFA) is approaching the start of its first ever Brazilian tournament. American football Brasileirão currently has 41 teams and two divisions. But the first challenge of what was being done by the organisation’s president, Christian Cajivara, was completed before the kick-off of the competition. This is because since he took charge of the CBFA, he has been working for the development of American football throughout Brazil. The first phase marks the end of Brasil Onças Week, an event that took place one month ago between March 20 and 26 this year. And it’s a source of pride for the current administration, which has begun implementing pre-candidacy plans.

“It was an unprecedented moment. It was something my board and I really wanted to do. Resume the selection and make a great party. We got it. And a very strong point for the municipality of Itapecerica da Serra.” We had the support of City Hall in everything. During the event, on site, on the bus to take the players from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the fields. It was something beyond our expectations. CBFA President Cristian Cajivara reveals the organization of the Brazilian Oncas Week. Sports Secretary Geraldo Pedroso has made a team available to us at all times for the benefit of American football. From buying ice to exams at athletes’ clinics. The city stopped to support him. It was incredible for the national team players to be with us. And it went down in history for the time when the election was stopped and when we were together. It was great to focus on the training of that era. – He added.

Brasil Onças Week was a seven-day event aimed at promoting American football and training players and coaches from all over Brazil through online and personal events. The clinics were held for a week and at the end, there was a friendly match between the players of the Brazilian team – O Brasil Onças. Earlier, a friendly match will be played against Europe Warriors, the team of the best players in Europe. But due to sanctions on the European continent, the players were unable to carry out their trip to Brazil.

During the week, CBFA encouraged many professionals from other areas to visit Itapecerica da Serra so that they could share their experience with the selection.

“The CBFA team was great. The technical commission was formed by coach Brian, who also provided opportunities for volunteer coaches who wanted to come with us. Huddles, video tutorials and everything for the benefit of the selection. We have health There was also a large team of caregivers, led by Dr. Thiago, where we formed our own board of directors within the CBFA. Invited to work in physiotherapy. And that, of course, was important. ” “Not to mention the staff, where we opened up to volunteers and a lot of people volunteered. We even had people from Belem PA come to be part of the program. Wants hair growth. All we have to say is thank you. “

The entire week-long event took place in Itapecerica da Serra in collaboration with the local City Hall and the Department of Sports and Entertainment. But the Confederation confirmed that this was only the first timetable project the organization still wants to implement in its mandate. And, of course, they want to sew loose ends for future editions.

“We want to adjust some logistical points in the next events. But what the board did with ‘Zapa’ (William Zaparoli) and ‘Dan’ (Danilo Mرller) is for us to continue with even more credibility.” That was great – the CBFA president revealed.

Brazil and Germany friendly World Cup match

Originally called to play a friendly against the European Warriors, Brazil Oncas, as the Brazilian team is called, had to adhere to a new schedule after the opponent did not come to Brazil. And the CBFA, thinking of maintaining the schedule, managed to hold a friendly match between the selections, which is unprecedented and saw closely the Brazilian players selected by head coach Brian Guzman. was done.

“The friendly match was very good, although we did not have a real match, which will be Brazil against the European team. We managed to turn it into a very exciting event for the public, introducing the method to the city and to everyone watching online. The transmission was made to City Hall’s communications team, who were accustomed to broadcasting round football. And for us, it was really important to have them all on the broadcast. In addition to publicity. Still, we had a peak of a thousand followers, which was amazing. – CBFA President Christian Kejivara said.

Preparation in one Training camp This was the beginning of the 2023 World Championships in Germany. And CBFA’s proposal is to speed up that preparation, not just for that. Full pad Masculine. But also for women’s and flag football teams that are playing a historic role outside the country.

Speaking of choices, we plan to make another game this year.. At the end of the year, even. We have not yet received from the IFAF what will be the qualifying part for the 2023 World Cup in Germany. So we are waiting to see when and how this will happen. And, based on these guidelines, we will plan our next steps. We have created a program. The month of June Training camp American soccer girls stay in Itapecerica for 3 days. And, at the end of the year, in December, a training camp with both teams, the best preparation for the Men’s World Cup and a friendly match for women. In addition to preparing for flag football, where the team has barely returned from Israel and is already focused on the World Cup. – Christian Kajivara revealed. We want to represent Brazil at the highest level. And getting support from Itapecerica City Hall will only add to the process.

As for the structure provided by Itapecerica City Hall, the CBFA president says the confederation’s requests have been met and the city team has gone even further in seeking the comfort of the players and the organization.

“We had a hotel, farmhouse style, comfortable rooms, space for physiotherapy and crew therapy. It was amazing for the players to experience this with every meal and we hope it will be used again and again. And, in the future, we will have our own headquarters in Itapecerica. It is a place of many opportunities. “

The Brazilian football championship is near.

The Brazilian soccer championship, which began in May, was decided by the current administration, led by incumbent Christian Cajivara. The CBFA, the largest sports body in Brazil, recognized by the Ministry of Citizenship – the Special Secretariat for Sports, and the IFAF – is formally affiliated with the International Federation of American Football. Reducing costs and improving the logistics of sports competitions. Even reducing the workload of franchises that will receive matches. It will strive to promote and develop the sport throughout Brazil.

“Brasileirão promises to be very remarkable. We want to make a difference in this national championship and work on the points that have not been worked out yet. Providing visibility to teams and players. We want to expand the American football scene in Brazil, take it out of the bubble to the public. In addition, we will try to attract more fans. We are talking to streaming and television channels for broadcasting. And soon, we will have some supporters announced. We are trying to make it a memorable championship, “said Kajiwara.

Currently, one of the main management challenges is to reduce the costs of the teams, including locomotives and the logistics organization of the events that will host the Brasileirão matches.

“Distances are important challenges. They are expensive because Brazil is a continental country. But we want to reduce team costs. We don’t want the management to just take care of the tables. We will help the teams manage the event and the federations. Taking advantage of the structure of the team will help the national teams, they will not be allowed to take care of everything, which is a huge responsibility, “he said. “That way, everyone will be able to enjoy participation on the day of the game, without so much responsibility. Let’s take advantage of the federations’ manpower to organize the events.” And the teams are already starting in Brasileirão with human resources. There is no such cost. Apart from open and joint management, listening to everyone, and valuing everyone “, CBFA President Cristiane Kajiwara concluded.

American football Brasileirão is set to begin in May 2022 with a match between Manaus FA x Porto Velho Miners. And it is expected that the CBFA will continue to implement timelines aimed at further developing the methodology and seeking even better performance in international competitions.

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