City Hall opens Integrated Healthcare Center for Autistic Children.

City Hall of Caxias do Sul, through the Municipal Health Department (SMS), in partnership with Centro de Assistência à Saúde do Círculo, a service to serve children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through SUS Will inaugurate The Integrated Healthcare Center for Autistic Children is set to open in August. The initiative comes from the executive branch, which has partnered with Círculo to enable unparalleled service in the municipal public network.

The service will operate in the former Plantão da Criança building in Rua Pinheiro Machado, 2738, in Sao Paulo. The agreement with the municipality will enable SUS to serve 80 children between the ages of one and eight. The service will be multi-professional with specialists in the fields of medicine, psychology, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work. Children as well as parents will be helped. Referral SMS will be done through Health Network.

Mayor Adiló Didomenico pointed out that the new service represents another delivery to the community and that the public deserves City Hall’s attention. “This is a very important service, which comes at a great time. The initiative was aimed at partnering with the Circle to meet all current pressing demand, providing this unparalleled and unique service.” He observed.

MultiTEA, UniTEA and Universidade de Caxias do Sul collaborated on the construction of the work plan signed between the executive and the circle, which will be responsible for the implementation of the service. “This service is directly related to the essence of the Circle, which, from its inception, was created to help the community, meaning it has been in our DNA for 87 years. Centro de Assistência à Saúde do Círculo Is our unit that works primarily to develop health services for public network users in partnership with Unified Health Systems to promote population well-being and quality of life. Polidoro Pontalti, Círculo Health Care Center Manager.

The municipality and the circle promote special care through SUS.

To expand the offer of special care, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) and Circle’s Healthcare Center also increased the list of services available through the collaboration agreement and the monthly amount paid. Colonoscopy and endoscopy examinations also began in May. In the coming weeks, orthopedic surgery, catheterization and angioplasty procedures, in addition to sporometric tests, will be offered. The services of biopsy, physiotherapy, ultrasound and psychotherapy were also expanded.

The cooperation agreement provides outpatient advice and surgical procedures in urology, otolaryngology and vascular surgery, as well as advice in cardiology, psychiatry, speech therapy, mammograms, magnetic resonance imaging and tomography, which have previously been offered. Are In total, the contract serves approximately 900 patients each month. “This is a strategy adopted by the municipality to give the population more access to specialized care through the public health network. We are working tirelessly to reduce waiting lines and offer more services.” Yes, this is a commitment to a government project. We also reaffirm our gratitude to Circle for this partnership, which has contributed to improving the services provided to the Caxiense community.

All calls continue to be regulated and forwarded via SMS. Access continues through Primary Health Units (UBSs).

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