CONMEBOL condemns racist incidents in South American football: ‘absolutely unacceptable’

CONMEBOL condemns racist incidents in South American football: ‘absolutely unacceptable’

One after another Week marked by racism In South American stadiums Liberator cupConmebol described himself in tragic episodes this Friday. In a statement, the organization condemned the attitudes of the spectators who mainly attacked Brazil. Conmebol is under pressure to crack down on racism.

In a statement, the South American Football Body strongly condemned the practice, saying it was “unacceptable.” Conmebol also said that it would promote changes in regulations to increase and tighten penalties in racist cases.

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This week, at least four incidents of racial slurs were recorded at games played by Brazilian clubs in Libertadores. on Tuesday, A Boca Juniors (ARG) fan was arrested in a clash with Corinthians. At the Neo Química Arena, but it was. After release on bail. On the same day Fans of Estudiantes (ARG) have angered Red Bull Bragantino fans..

On Wednesday, it was time Palmeiras fans are angry at the Alviverde duel with Emelec (EQU) away from home. Last thursday Fans of Universidad Católica (CHI) also caught racism in Flamingo defeat. In addition to racial slurs, some flamingos were attacked. Fortaleza fans also encountered this, two weeks ago in a duel with River Plate (ARG)..

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“In light of the recent racist protests during the CONMEBOL tournaments, the South American Football Confederation states:

– CONMEBOL considers any manifestations of racism and other forms of violence in its tournaments absolutely unacceptable. It accepts and will take responsibility for its part in the fight against all forms of discrimination. The fight against this scourge is central to CONMEBOL’s concerns and work, as evidenced by numerous awareness campaigns and large-scale operations, as well as the imposition of sanctions on perpetrators of these hateful practices.

– CONMEBOL will promote changes in regulations to increase and strengthen punishments in cases of racism. It also designs and implements new programs and initiatives aimed at eliminating the problem from South American football.

– Football is an unprecedented spread of positive and constructive values ​​in society. On the field, in training and competitions, football players respect their opponents from an early age and value their strengths, tolerate the mistakes of their teammates and help correct them, as a team and Working with unity, they learn to know what the method is. Victory is work and sacrifice. CONMEBOL will intensify its work against racism and other forms of discrimination in the training categories.

– It needs to be emphasized that racism is not a phenomenon that starts and ends in football, which, being a huge spectacle, becomes another field of wide exposure in which it And other social evils can come to the fore. The sense of anonymity provided by the sports stands leads to misunderstandings to show their unacceptable behavior. However, this has changed a lot in recent years, as it is now possible to clearly identify the perpetrators and punish them with the greatest gravity.

– These curses cannot be overcome unless it is first understood that they must be attacked at every level: in family education, in schools and colleges, in the media, in civil society, in the business world, in public policy. Through and of course. In sports

– CONMEBOL appeals to all South American soccer players – clubs, federations, media and fans – to redouble their efforts to end racism and other forms of violence and discrimination and to preserve the most valuable thing in our sport. Is: Its message of friendship, sports and health competition. “


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